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45-0365 16-Inch Push Spike Walk-Behind Aerator

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The aeration process is crucial to a happy and healthy lawn all season long. Ensure that your yard is properly aerated and ready for a great growing season courtesy of the 45-0365 16-Inch Push Spike Walk-Behind Aerator. Aerating the lawn involves poking tiny holes into the ground to allow air, water, and nutrients to go deep in the ground and reach the roots. We recommend aerating your lawn to prepare for warmer months. That said, there's no better tool to aerate a small to medium-sized lawn than this tool from Agri-fab. This model has a 16-inch width and comes with 5 7-inch aerator discs that have 2.5 inches of reach into the ground. At 16 inches, you can expect an adequate coverage area, without it being too large for a smaller lawn. With a durable and simple-to-use design, you'll be glad you opted for this push spike aerator to prep your lawn for a great growing season. The walk-behind design makes it ideal for small lawns and won't require you to attach it to a riding mower or ATV. To use, identify the stretch of grass you'd like to aerate and prep the tool for use. At this size, we recommend using a normal-sized patio brick and placing it atop the weight tray for added soil penetration. Grab the handle, start walking, and watch as the discs pierce small holes into your lawn. Those holes will do wonders for consistent and great growth in the coming months. Unlike towable aerators, the walk-behind design makes it much easier to use. Equip the aerator with the discs, put on your walking shoes, and aerate your lawn better than ever before with this push spike lawn aerator. Don't neglect your lawn anymore. Lay the groundwork for an excellent growing season with the help of the Agri-fab 45-0365 16-Inch Push Spike Walk-Behind Aerator.


  • Walk-behind aerator that's designed to aerate residential lawns or stretches of grass surrounding businesses
  • Features 5 7-inch aerator discs for 2.5 inches of soil penetration
  • 16 inches in width allows for a great coverage area on smaller lawns
  • Constructed of long-lasting materials
  • Walk-behind design allows you to push and go
  • Great way to aerate grass in preparation for warmer months
  • Wide weight tray holds a patio brick for increased soil penetration
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 17 x 8 x 38 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds

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