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NeverLeak Hose Cart and Guide with 250-Foot Capacity

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When it comes to the decision of whether you want to tackle your difficult hose cart to water your lawn or give your kids a chance to play some water games look no further. This Neverleak Hose Cart and Guide will conveniently aid you in the storage of your garden hose. You’ll now be able to place the kiddie pool in the shade under that tree at the end of your yard. Any standard 250-foot garden hose fits in this car and will reach just about anywhere in your yard. Plus, the 8-inch wheels will make maneuvering the cart from faucet-to-faucet or in-and-out of the garage or shed easier. When this cart arrives at your doorstep, all you need to do is simply pull it out of the box. The hose cart comes fully assembled with a bonus of a leader hose for convenient use. A large utility tray is featured for storing any type of accessories needed for your hose. With the simple crank handle and manual hose guide provided, keep your hose in order when you’re reeling it in and out, allowing easy storage. Feel free to store your cart in the shed throughout the year, no matter the weather. This hose cart features the aluminum NeverLeak water system. This offers lasting durability and is strong enough to withstand temperature drops in the cold winter weather without corroding. This will keep you from needing to replace or patch up your hose reel year-after-year because of leaking from water damage. The occurrence of cross-threading won’t be a problem anymore. The NeverLeak feature will keep your hose aligned with the water system preventing the hose brass from cutting into the plastic which can cause cracks that water can leak out of. Enjoy watering your garden or watching your kids play in the kiddie pool without thinking about the struggle of putting your hose away. This Neverleak Hose Cart and Guide will organize your lawn with an easy crank of the handle.


  • NeverLeak hose cart combines convenience and style as you organize your lawn
  • Simple crank handle and manual hose guide allows for easy hose storage
  • Aluminum water system offers lasting durability year after year
  • 8-inch wheels and large cart handle offer excellent maneuverability around the yard
  • Holds 250 feet of standard garden hose
  • Equipped with large utility tray for storing accessories
  • Comes fully assembled with leader hose for convenient use
  • Color: Tan
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 20 x 25 x 24 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty

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