Turbo T4RC Plus Automatic Robotic In-Ground Pool Vacuum

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When you don't have time to scrub your pool by hand, trust this little robotic pool vacuum to do the work for you. The Turbo T4RC Plus Automatic In-Ground Pool Vacuum scrubs away at dirt, sand, and pollen at the bottom of your pool so you don't have to. Take your time back. All you have to do is set this robotic pool vacuum cleaner at the bottom of your pool and walk away. Get a sparkling clean pool no matter the shape of your in-ground pool. This in-ground pool cleaner navigates round, rectangle, oval, lap, kidney, and L-shaped pools. Its active scrubbing brushes clean all pool surfaces except tile. Leave this automatic pool vacuum on its own thanks to its programmable timer. Just set the timer for 1 to 7 hours and set the pool vacuum at the bottom of your pool. Come back to find your pool sparkling clean. After the pool vacuum is done cleaning, you only need to lift it out of your pool and empty the included fine debris bag. Clean dirt out of your pool wherever it hides. This automatic pool cleaner scrubs at your pool floor, walls, and waterline to give you the cleanest pool possible. It even gets into nooks and crannies. By using power washing jets, this robotic pool vacuum blasts dirt, silt, and pollen out of corners and seams. Once free, the robotic pool vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt and debris. When the automatic pool cleaner robot encounters obstacles or walls, it climbs. The Turbo T4RC Plus pool vacuum scales steps at a 90 degree angle. Its NeverStuck rollers helps the robotic pool cleaner float over obstacles like main drains. This pool vacuum cleaner's advanced drive motor navigation uses side-by-side rollers to give it traction even if 1 roller gets stuck. If you want your robotic pool vacuum to focus in or completely avoid an area, just use the included 4-way remote. This wireless remote control lets you steer your pool robot vacuum with forward, reverse, and full turn controls. This electric pool vacuum comes with a 60 foot power cord so it can easily reach every corner of your pool. You don't need any special wiring or hook up. Just plug the pool vacuum into its control box and connect an extension cord from your outdoor outlet to the control box. Additionally, this electric pool vacuum robot features a swivel system that keeps the cord straight at all times. Once your little pool vacuum has done its job, set it back in the included caddy. This wheeled caddy cart helps you keep everything organized in 1 spot. Spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it. The Aquabot Turbo T4RC Plus Automatic In-Ground Pool Vacuum does all the cleaning and scrubbing for you.


  • Designed to clean residential in-ground pools of all sizes and surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning figure-8, Grecian, kidney, l-shaped, oval or round, and rectangle shaped pools
  • Excellent at cleaning vinyl, Gunite, concrete, tile, and fiberglass pool surfaces
  • Pool to wall transition: 90-degree angle
  • Wireless 4-way precision remote control guidance for spot cleaning
  • Power washing jets clean what and where brushes and other cleaners can’t
  • Largest capacity reusable filter — most debris with least filter cleanings
  • Keeps the pool floor, walls, and waterline clean
  • Swivel included to keep cords untangled as the cleaner moves freely around the pool
  • Equipped with a never stuck system
  • 1 to 7 hour programmable timer or continuous run feature
  • Bottom loading filter makes for simple removal of dirt and debris
  • Specifications:
  • Type: Robotic
  • Pool type: In ground
  • Power type: Electric

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