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3-Piece Floating Alligator Koi Fish Pond Decoy, Green

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Blue heron and Canadian geese are part of most lovely landscapes, just not when they fish and swim in your koi pond. Keep out predators with the Aquascape 3-Piece Floating Alligator Decoy. This lifelike floating decoy measures at a whopping 34-inches. This floating decoy’s impressive, lifelike size proves that a gator decoy-a-day keeps the heron away. This floating gator decoy is made up of 3 separate chain-linked pieces: a head, midsection, and tail. This gator is super-simple to setup. The floating decoy model’s middle section has connectors on either side so you can easily hook up the head and tail. Then, just anchor the gator decoy to the bottom of the pond by its fishing line. That way, your koi pond decoy will stay put and look out for your fish. Once you’ve got this life-like alligator decoy hooked up, you’ll be thrilled at its realistic movements. This flexible 3-piece body surges and slithers through the water, just like a true-to-life alligator. You can either rely on the breeze, or put this floating decoy predator by your pump, waterfall, or fountain. Sit back and watch this detailed decoy bob and weave with stunning accuracy. Aside from this decoy’s realistic movements, this alligator predator looks like the real thing, too. The detailed design, from the molded scales to the beady eyes, to the gaping jaws, replicate a real-life gator. While this gator decoy model’s looks are effective, its quality is also high. This koi pond decoy is made with a UV-protective coating, so your alligator decoy will swim for many summers to come. The all-weather finish, meanwhile, ensures your outdoor floating gator is built for cold winter nights. It’s time to politely tell those herons to take their fishing elsewhere. There’s no better way to make that statement, both sincerely yet playfully, by releasing your Aquascape 3-Piece Floating Alligator Decoy into your koi pond.


  • Gives you a fun, realistic way to protect your fish from heron and other predators
  • Hinged design chains together all 3 pieces for convincing, lifelike decoy that looks like submerged gator
  • 34-inch length creates a stunningly life-like alligator
  • Detailed finish with non-fading, no glare, all-weather paint
  • Keeps predators like raccoons and other threats to your koi fish like herons out of your pond
  • Made up of 3 separate chain-linked pieces: head, midsection, and tail
  • Stays steady by anchoring decoy to the bottom of the pond with fishing line
  • Put decoy by your pump, waterfall, or fountain and watch it realistically weave
  • Middle section has connectors on either side to easily hook up head and tail
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 10 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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