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Portable Fridge 20-Foot Battery Wiring Kit & Socket

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You’re traveling, tailgating or camping, and you’re counting on your ARB portable fridge freezer to keep your beverages and foods cold. There’s nothing more disappointing than unreliable wiring leaving you stranded out of the cold. ARB’s Portable Fridge Freezer Wiring Kit and Threaded Socket comes with everything you need to “hard-wire” your portable unit into a 12-volt battery. It includes 20 feet of 10-gauge wiring with in-line 15-amp fuse and eyelets for fast installation to your battery terminals. That means that within minutes, you can have your portable fridge freezer hooked up to your car battery and providing reliable power to your ARB fridge freezer, no matter the temperature outside. That means you’ll keep drinks chilled indefinitely and perishable food fresh. The fridge wiring kit also includes 2 side-entry quick-connect terminals and insulators measuring 0.25 inches. You can solder or crimp to the terminals. The wires are supplied loose so you can trim the cable to a suitable length, thus eliminating the voltage loss that can come from cables that are too long. Finally, the kit also includes a threaded surface mount socket for the fridge's screw-in DC cord, making sure you always have a solid connection that won’t bounce loose. The rear terminals of the socket are identified with “+” and “-“ to ensure correct installation of the connectors. With everything you need for safe and reliable power connections from your ARB fridge freezer to your 12-volt battery, this kit will keep your unit up and running for any outdoor adventure – and your food and beverages always safe and ready.


  • Wiring kit is an easy way to hard-wire any ARB fridge freezer to your car battery to ensure reliable, long-lasting power
  • Quick-connector terminals and color-coded wiring
  • Includes screw-in surface-mount ARB socket for fridge’s screw-in DC cord, ensuring a solid connection
  • 20 feet of double-insulated, 10-gauge auto cable
  • 15 amp fuse and 5/16-inch eyelets for quick installation onto battery terminals
  • 2 0.25-inch side-entry quick-connect terminals and insulators
  • Terminals supplied loose to enable trimming of cable to suitable length, minimizing voltage drop
  • Rear terminals identified with plus and minus signs for correct installation of connectors
  • ARB plug comes with gasket around housing to protect against moisture, improving safety
  • Includes ARB socket mount outlets and 12/24 volt DC wiring kit
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty

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