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Above Ground Pool Maintenance Accessories Kit

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Having a pool shouldn't mean a cluttered shed or garage. When it's time for cleanup, this Bestway Above Ground Pool Maintenance Accessories Kit is perfect. It has everything you'll need for proper and simple pool cleaning. It comes with all of the essentials– a vacuum head, hose, reusable debris and leaf bag, and multiple adapters to top it all off. Best of all, everything is compact and storage-ready for the off-season. You'll struggle to find an accessories kit like this 1 for a better value. You can attach the pole to either your pool skimmer or the net when removing debris. If you're going just with the net, you can easily grab the leaves and other items that find themselves atop the water. You won't struggle for that hard-to-reach corner of the pool, because the aluminum pole is adjustable, giving you nearly 10 extra feet of reach. Additionally, that ability to vary its length makes storage a breeze. When you're ready to vacuum, you just have to follow a few easy steps. First, you'll swap out the net for the vacuum head. Stick that on the end of the telescoping pole. Then, you'll attach the included hose onto the head of the vacuum. You'll then run that hose all the way up to your skimmer, allowing the suction to pull debris through the vacuum head. Finally, you just use the vacuum as you would in your living room. Run it along the bottom of your pool as well as the walls, clearing any tough debris in the process. Keep in mind, vacuuming your pool could take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending on your pool's size. Also, we suggest you don't clean when the pool is being used so you can prevent injury. No longer is pool maintenance synonymous with clutter. Keep your space organized and your pool spotless with this Above Ground Pool Maintenance Accessories Kit from Bestway.


  • Super-easy assembly
  • Attach to filter pump to provide a powerful, lightweight vacuum
  • Cleans pool walls and floors
  • Includes multiple adapters for connections to all Bestway pools and filter systems
  • Includes 9-foot adjustable aluminum pole for large diameter pools
  • Removable and reusable debris and leaf bag
  • Extra long vacuum hose 19.7-foot long, 1.25-inch diameter
  • Vacuum has a 1 piece cleaning head
  • Skimmer has a durable, washable mesh netting
  • For use with 15-foot and below pools
  • Fits filter pumps with 530 gallons/hour flow rate and above
  • Warranty: 90 day warranty against product defects

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