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Mouse Corded Compact Detail Palm Sander with Sand Paper

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When you're working on your next DIY project, don't be left with a rough surface and hard-to-clean piles of dust. Get yourself a Mouse Corded Compact Detail Palm Finishing Wood Sander from Black and Decker. It's the all-in-1 mouse detail sander with an ergonomic design that will keep your hand comfortable and deliver that high performance you come to expect from Black and Decker. With it, you'll also receive a pack of replacement sandpaper to save you an extra trip to the store! When you're in the business of DIY, occasional discomfort like scrapes, cramps, and soreness come with the territory. But, thanks to the 3-position grip of this mouse detail sander, your hands won't feel the effects of prolonged use. The palm grip is perfect for when you're sanding surfaces like a door or panel of a shelving unit. It lets you place your hand atop the sander and cover larger areas with no extra sweat. The precision grip provides that extreme maneuverability for those uneven surfaces and the handle grip of this detail sander lets you evenly sand those hard to reach areas on a small cabinet door or around the legs of a chair. This detail sander also comes with a finger attachment that lets you sand very small areas that are more difficult to cover evenly. No matter which grip you prefer, your hand will be comfortable. In terms of output, this detail sander runs at 14,000 orbits per minute with 1.2 amps of power. Big things come in small packages, and for those tougher wood surfaces, this 2.8-pound detail sander packs a punch and will leave you with an even surface time after time. Don't get stuck with a tough, hard to clean mess. The high-performance dust collection system with micro-filtration keeps you with a clean surface after you finish sanding. The dust collects in a canister, which you can just dump into a trash can once it's full. When it's time to change your sandpaper, this detail sander uses a hook and loop sandpaper system to simplify paper changes and get you back to working in no time. For smoother surfaces, fewer messes, and less tension in your hands after a hard day's work trust this detail sander from Black and Decker for your next DIY project.


  • Easily sand tight spaces on furniture, cabinets, doors, and other crafting projects with this compact detail sander
  • Includes a detail finger attachment for small surfaces and 12 sheets of sand paper
  • Ultimate control across various projects with the 3-position grip
  • Uses a hook and loop sand paper system to simplify paper changes
  • Keeps your work space cleaner than other sanders thanks to the high-performance, micro-filtration dust collection
  • Works great for wood surfaces
  • Specifications:
  • Amps: 1.2 amps
  • Dust collection: Canister
  • Speed: 14,000 orbits per minute
  • Corded/Cordless: Corded
  • Sander type: Finishing
  • Sander part number: BDEMS600
  • Package part number: BDEMS600VA
  • Color: Orange
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.25 x 4.63 x 5.44 inches

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