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10 Ways to Use Your Pressure Washer

Your New Favorite Way to Clean

by Tyler Schuster
May 16, 2019

For heavy-duty cleaning jobs, sometimes the soap and sponge method just won’t cut it. For stuck-on grime, dirt, and more opt for a more powerful cleaning solution like a pressure washer.

Not sure how you might use a pressure washer? We’ve got you covered. For jobs big and small, check out our expert guide on 10 different uses for your new pressure washer.

  1. Outdoor Furniture

Mildew and harsh weather can leave your patio furniture looking dingy and flat out gross. Using a pressure washer is a great way to blast away stains, leaving behind the chairs you fell in love with. Pro tip: Adjust the spray wand settings depending on the material of the furniture.

  1. Homemade Car Wash

Mud, pollen, and bird droppings tend to find their way to your car. Spray your vehicle off with your new pressure washer. From the body of the car down to the wheels, a pressure washer can clean your vehicle and you can save the money you’d spent at a commercial car wash.

  1. Reviving Your Wood Surfaces

Thanks to constant exposure to the elements, wood surfaces like fences and decks need a good cleaning every so often. For a tougher approach to stains and a dingy wood surface, we recommend a pressure washer touch up. Quickly blast away imperfections and take care of an entire fence line in no time.

  1. Home Exterior

If the exterior of your home is made of brick or vinyl, clean it with a pressure washer. It gives you more power and is more effective than a traditional water hose. We recommend a good thorough cleaning after a long winter.

  1. Driveway

Increase your home’s curb appeal without spending a fortune with a good pressure washer cleaning. A good pressure washer hose down will wash away those pesky oil stains in no time -- instantly upgrading the look of your home’s exterior.

  1. Boat

If your last lake day left your boat littered with algae, using a pressure washer is a great way to clean it off. Powerful water jets will blast away debris from the lake and will leave behind a boat you’ll be proud of.

  1. Gutters

Take the convenience of your favorite pressure washer and take it to the next level with a gutter cleaner attachment. An extension wand can help you have greater reach and will make it easier to unclog your gutters.

  1. Trash can

We’re willing to be your trash can could use a good cleaning. Spray away residue and leave it better than you found it without getting too close.

  1. Outdoor Tools

From grassy weed whackers to muddy wheelbarrows, a quick rinse with a pressure washer can make your tools clean again. Adjust the nozzle and pressure depending on the material of the tool for best results.

  1. Pet kennels

Keep your 4-legged friends’ living spaces clean and comfy with a pressure washer. Rinse off waste and fur with ease to leave a more inviting rest spot.

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