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5 Common Questions When Buying a Gas Grill

What to Look for When Buying a Gas Grill

by Kaiti Hill
Mar 4, 2019

Every season is grilling season with the right grill by your side. But it’s not grilling season without a grill and choosing the best gas grill for your needs isn’t always an easy feat. To help you fire up the grill and start flipping burgers, we’re dishing out the answers to 5 of the most common gas grill questions.

How much should I spend?

Budget is a big player in the grill-buying game. Gas grills have a wide price range that starts around $200 and goes up from there. You can find a quality grill around the $200 mark, but it’ll have fewer features and less grilling space than the pricier options out there. How much you spend to get a new grill fired up depends on how many bells and whistles you’re looking for. If you’re not in the market for anything over the top, a grill with a lower price point will treat you and your stomach well.

What material should I choose?

The standard material for grill bodies – also called grill houses – is stainless steel or cast aluminum. Other common materials are cast iron and sheet metal, but stainless and cast aluminum are the way to go. These options are at the top of the grill-material food chain because they’re so durable. With a cast aluminum grill orstainless steelgrill, you won’t need to worry about rust or other wear and tear for years to come.

Propane or natural gas?

You decided on a gas grill and thought you were ready to roll – until you realized there’re multiple types of gas grills. Your options here are a natural gas grill or a propane grill. Propane is the most common. While you do have to get a new propane tank when you’re low on fuel, this is usually the easiest option because you don’t have to install a natural gas line through your backyard. Natural gas grills are most viable for those who already have a natural gas hookup outside of their home.

How many burners do I need?

The number of gas grill burners you’ll need depends on how much grilling you’re going to do at once. The benefit of having multiple grill burners is that you can cook multiple foods at multiple temperatures. Each temperature knob on your grill controls a burner, allowing you to crank up the heat in some areas and turn it down in others. The number of burners is a personal preference, but 3 is the standard number.

What are BTUs?

BTU is short for British Thermal Unit. This scientific-sounding measurement determines how hot your grill can get. The more grill BTUs you have, the hotter your grill will be. A lot of people assume the hotter thebetter, butgoing for the grill with the highest BTU rating can waste fuel. It’ll take a little math to figure this one out, but a good rule of thumb is 80-100 BTUs per every square inch of cooking space.

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