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5 Reasons to Dine Outdoors This Easter

Why We Love Hosting Holiday Gatherings Outdoors

by Kaiti Hill
Apr 18, 2019

Spring has sprung – and hopefully warmer weather has too. If you’re hosting Easter this year, we suggest taking your gathering outdoors. Dining outside, especially with friends and family, is our favorite way to enjoy a meal.  

Here are our top 5 reasons to eat alfresco this Easter:  

1. Backyards Are the Perfect Spring Setting 

Flowers, sunshine, and clear skies are all symbols of spring. Instead of trying to replicate those spring staples indoors, opt to eat outside where you can enjoy spring in its purest form. No need to worry about pulling out the spring or Easter decor – your backyard will speak for itself. Lush green grass and blooming flowers make the perfect picturesque backdrop for enjoying an Easter meal.  

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2. Less Mess 

Holiday celebrations bring friends and family together. However, they also tend to bring a bit of a mess that you, the host or hostess, is stuck cleaning up at the end of the day. Dining outdoors leaves you with less of a mess to cleanup when the party’s over. A simple shake of the table cloth will be the extent of your post-meal cleanup. Dining outside means less pre-party cleaning too. If you’re gathering in your outdoor space, there’s no need for a deep clean inside before guests come over.  

3. More Room to Gather 

Whether you have a big backyard or a small backyard, eating outside often offers more space to gather. Instead of being restricted to set dining areas inside your home, you can set up outdoor tables and patio chairs anywhere you’d like. With no walls in the way, it’ll be easy to piece together furniture to accommodate all of your guests.  

4. An Excuse to Put Your Patio Furniture to Use 

Spring just arrived, which means your outdoor dining set has probably been sitting unused for some time. Easter is the perfect opportunity to get back in the groove of dining outdoors. Make the most of your patio furniture this warm-weather season by making it a priority to eat outdoors this Easter.  

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5. Furry Friends Welcome 

Come one, come all – including furry friends! Dining outdoors creates an inclusive holiday experience for our 4-legged friends to join in on. Guests often feel as if they shouldn’t bring their pup as a plus 1, and we don’t blame them. Having a whole crew of dogs running around indoors while there’s cooking going on isn’t ideal. Not to mention all the dog hair that will inevitably be shed and spread through your house. When you dine outdoors, there’s enough room for the humans to mingle while the dogs run and roam. No paws will be stepped on this Easter season. 

Ready to dine outdoors this Easter? We know we are! Happy celebrating to you and your loved ones.  

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