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7 Instagram Worthy Pool Floats

7 Inflatables to Add Some Flair to Your Summer

by Kaiti Hill
Feb 18, 2019

Throw that old innertube aside, there's some new kids on the block – and by kids, we mean pool floats. These Instagram-worthy pool floats had us head over heels the second we saw them. Make the most of those warm days in the water with our top pool raft picks.

Pro tip: be sure to start your day off right by pairing your new pool toy with one of our electric air pumps. It’ll help you get that jumbo pool float or oversized pool float inflated in a jiff.

Intex Inflatable Flamingo

Flamingos are water birds, so what better place for a giant inflatable flamingo than your pool? Your Instagram followers will be flocking to like your latest post when they catch a glimpse of this giant flamingo pool float from Intex.

Swimline Giant Inflatable Swan

The Swimline Giant Inflatable Swan Float pool lounger will have you swan diving into summer a little differently this year. This giant inflatable pool float fits up to four adults, so no one has to play the role of black swan.

Swimline Inflatable Mardi Gras Mask

Snorkel masks aren’t the only masks that will be making an appearance in your pool this swimming season. Sit back and relax on this masquerade-themed Mardi Gras float from Swimline. You can enjoy a drink or 2 just as if you were in New Orleans, thanks to the 2 built-in cupholders that this floatie boasts.

Intex Giant Inflatabull Pool Float

Most pool floats are the poster children for relaxation, but not this one. Get ready for a wild time as you saddle up onto this blow up bull and the rest of your crew tries to throw you off. The Intex Inflatabull is ready for a rockin’ summer, are you?

Swimline Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Float

You’re not supposed to swim right after eating, but no one has ever said anything about lounging on top of your favorite foods while you enjoy the water. Grab a slice or 2 of this Giant Inflatable Pizza Float from Swimline and you’ll be on your way to a pizza paradise.

Swimline Rosé Float

Put on your rosé-colored glasses – it’s wine time. This blush-colored float is best enjoyed at high summer temps. Get ready to relax on the water while you sip on a glass of the good stuff, because this pool floatie has a cup holder.

Swimline Inflatable Waffle Slice

Breakfast by the water is nice, but breakfast in the water is even better. Go for a morning dip with this syrupy slice of heaven from Swimline. Start with 1 slice of this waffle float, or get enough for you and three friends to whip up a whole waffle.

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