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Choosing the Best Cooler

Find the Perfect Option for You

by Kaiti Hill
Mar 18, 2019

The summer sun doesn’t take mercy on anything, including the beverages and snacks you’ve packed for a day at the lake or your neighbor’s backyard barbecue. Keep your refreshments fresh and cool with the ultimate summer sidekick: coolers. With all the cooler options out there, picking the best cooler is harder than ever. But no worries, we’re here to help with this handy buying guide.

Consider These 4 Things:


Size is the first thing you want to think about when shopping for a new cooler. Are you bringing beverages for a crowd or just for you? Cooler size is usually measured in quarts, gallons, or can capacity. When choosing your cooler’s size, be sure to account for the extra space you’ll need for ice or ice packs that’ll keep your goods cold.


These days, coolers are made from a wide variety of materials. Looking for a hard-sided cooler? Choose from a handful of plastic options. A popular plastic option is the molded cooler. Molded coolers, also called roto molded coolers, are made from a seamless piece of plastic. The seamless design helps keep your food and drinks chilled for long periods of time. Looking for a soft cooler? Choose from a variety of fabric options. We’ve got you covered!


Weight goes hand-in-hand with size and material. The size of your cooler and what it’s made of will determine how much it weighs. You’ll want to keep in mind that your cooler will only become heavier once you pack your items into it, so be sure to get a cooler you can comfortably carry or transport.


Wheeled, handled, backpack-style – there are a lot of style options out there. When choosing a style type, you should think of where you’ll be using your cooler. Are you using it in the backyard? If so, a simple cooler with handles should do. Bringing it on your next camping trip? A cooler with wheels may be a good idea to help you transport it from car to campground.

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