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Creative Ways to Use Your Blender

Subhead: Smoothies and Shakes Are Only the Beginning

by Dan Mose
May 27, 2019

If you break out the blender only for smoothies and ice cream concoctions, you’re missing half the fun. It’s one of the most versatile weapons in your food and beverage arsenal. And although blenders are never really out of season, summer may be their best time to shine. We have some ideas for a blender bender.

1. Friends and family are gathered on your deck, a perfect time to blend up some margaritas or old-school daiquiris.

2. The morning after your child’s summer sleepover is a great opportunity to mix up pancake batter in a blender.

3. Your grilling game is enhanced by the right marinade, and that blender is the perfect tool for getting ingredients well-mixed.

4. Homemade salad dressings also come together well in a blender.

5. Break up food waste in your blender before adding it to the compost bin; eggshells, watermelon rinds, leftover pancakes, whatever you have. If you mix all that up a bit in the blender, it will break down more quickly for use in your garden.

6. Summertime can be tough on your skin with all that sun and sweat. Your blender can mix up ingredients for your own body scrub. We offer a large assortment of blenders.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Hamilton Beach 32-Ounce Mixer Blender with To-Go Cups

Two 16-ounce travel cups are what set this Hamilton Beach blender apart. Give each kid their own blended drink to help make that afternoon round of errands more tolerable for everyone. Its 650-watt peak-power motor is strong enough to crush ice, so it’s a smoothie-making machine.

SharkNinja Intelli-Sense Blender Duo 72-Ounce Kitchen System

8 pre-set programs come on this 72-ounce SharkNinja intelli-sense blender -- everything from smoothies and juices to ice cream drinks and marinades. Or you can just freestyle your own settings depending on what’s on your menu. At 1200 watts, this blender is up for anything.

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender

This Hamilton Beach blender is great for smaller batches. The 14-ounce blending jar also can function as a portable travel cup, so it’s easy to pack in your cooler to take that salsa or salad dressing to the neighborhood cookout. A 175-watt motor can handle those smaller blending jobs just fine.

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