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Gardening Without a Green Space

The Perks of Container Gardening

by Kaiti Hill
May 7, 2019

Attention apartment dwellers – you don’t need a greenspace to show off your green thumb. Turn your frond-filled daydreams into reality by putting down roots right on your balcony (in pots and planters of course). Container gardening can be done anywhere – the balcony just happens to be our favorite spot. Don’t look at your lack of land as a loss. Instead, look at all the perks container gardening has to offer:

Here are 4 reasons why we love container gardening:

  1. Ideal for Green Gardeners

Container gardening is our go-to recommendation for beginning gardeners because of how simple it is. Container gardening doesn’t require as much maintenance or as many resources as traditional gardening does. With potted plants you don’t have to:

  • Till soil
  • Worry as much about weeds or pests invading your plants
  • Give your plants as much water or fertilizer
  1. Your Plants Become Portable

Chances are that you won’t live in your current apartment forever. A container garden offers portability when it’s time to pick up and move. Moving pots and planters from your balcony garden to your new home is far easier than uprooting plants from the ground and replanting them. 

  1. Freshly Grown Goods at Your Fingertips

Whether you decide to plant fruits, veggies, herbs, or flowers, your harvest will never be more than a couple steps away. Container gardens keep your greens easily accessible – you can even prop your planters on a table or bring them inside to collect the fruits of your labor comfortably.

  1. You Can Garden Year Round

The change of seasons can throw plants for a whirlwind. Extreme changes in temperature and excess precipitation don’t mix well with most greenery. There’s no need to worry about the unpredictable weather or change of seasons with container gardening. A heavy storm on the horizon? Winter temps getting too cold? Simply pick up your planters and move them indoors until the coast is clear.

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