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Get Your Yard Easter-Egg-Hunt Ready

5 Lawn Care Tips to Prep Your Yard for Easter

by Kaiti Hill
Apr 18, 2019

 It’s almost Easter Sunday, and we all know what the kids are looking forward to most – the Easter egg hunt – and the kid in all of us is looking forward to it too. We may not be searching for the eggs with the little ones, but it’s just as much fun to watch them scramble around. Weather permitting, we love hosting the egg hunt outdoors. There’re more places to hide the eggs and there’s more room to run. Before you go hiding any eggs, be sure to prep your yard for the egg hunt. Doing so will make it both camera ready and safer to run around in.  

Follow these 5 tips to get your yard ready for the Easter festivities: 

  1. Pick up Any Sticks 
  2. Spring is known for its abundance of fresh flowers and sunny skies. It’s also known for thunderstorms that tend to shake things up – like your trees’ branches. Sticks scattered through your yard can be a tripping hazard for you and the little ones alike. To prevent any egg-hunt injuries, do a sweep of your yard and collect any sticks and other objects such as rocks and mulch that have made their way out of your flowerbeds and into your yard.  

  3. Pull Any Weeds 
  4. While weeds aren’t a tripping hazard, they are unsightly. The warm weather season has just begun, so it’s a good idea to get to the weeds while they’re young. Pulling weeds and spraying for weeds will benefit you for the egg hunt and for the rest of spring and summer to come. For heavy-duty weeds, consider picking up a string trimmer like this one from Husqvarna.   

  5. Freshen up Your Garden 
  6. It’s the prime time to plant flowers – in your garden, in pots – it doesn’t matter. Planting flowers in time for Easter will add some much-needed springtime flare to your egg-hunt backdrop and give you more places to hide eggs. The bright colored eggs will blend into the vibrant flowers, making it a challenging competition for older kids to find every last egg.  

  7. Clean up After Your Dog 
  8. This is the least glamorous item on our list, but also the most necessary. If you have 4-legged friends running around at home. Be sure to clean up after them before hosting your Easter shenanigans. If not, 1 misstep could result in a ruined pair of shoes and an unhappy camper.  

  9. Mow the Grass – or Don’t 
  10. This one’s completely up to you. Mowing your lawn will make it look fresh and clean, but it’ll also make eggs easier to find. Leaving your grass on the longer side will make eggs that would otherwise be in plain sight a bit more hidden. Decide if you want that fresh-cut look and feel, or if you want more hiding places. If you decide to keep your grass a little on the tall side, you can still mow – just switch the blade height on your mower. Whichever route you take, shop our lawn and garden goods to help you get that ideal look.   

    You’re on your way to being Easter-egg-hunt ready. Just prep your yard and let the searching begin. 

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