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Give Our Box a New Purpose

5 Ways to Upcycle the Spreetail Box

by Kaiti Hill
May 8, 2019

We've put a purpose behind every purchase with our 5% donation program. Now, we're challenging you to put a purpose behind our shipping box by showing it a new life. Think twice before throwing it in with the rest of your recyclables.

Try one of these 5 ideas to upcycle your box:


  1. Use It as a Trunk Organizer

Letting your groceries roam free in the back of your car can result in some collateral damage – broken eggs, broken bottles – the list goes on. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, toss the Spreetail box in your trunk to keep things from rolling around. Reduce the risk of cracked or crushed groceries by placing your bags upright in the box.

  1. Create Drawer Separators

We don’t know about you, but we don’t own enough socks to fill a whole dresser drawer. Our various articles of clothing cohabit the same drawers – and sometimes, things get messy. We’ve found that cut up cardboard boxes make great drawer dividers. Measure the inside of your dresser drawers, cut panels to fit, and pop them in place. You’ll go from 1 drawer with everything jumbled together to 1 drawer that has a place for everything. 

  1. Make Your Own Party Decorations

Most store-bought party decorations are made from cardboard, so why not make your own? Making your own decorations can be fun and adds a personal touch to the celebration. Our go-to homemade decorations are piñatas and cut-out letter signs, but the options are endless.

  1. Cover Your Workspace

Whether you’re an avid crafter or just tackling a weekend wood-staining project, work with what you’ve got before you head to the store to buy a plastic tarp or table cloth for keeping your workspace clean. Broken down boxes make great makeshift workspace covers that can be recycled afterward.

  1. Save It for the Kids

Your little one’s imagination is always on. Let them run free with their creativity and see their ideas come to life. Who knows – that green box with the Spreetail logo could soon be a one-of-kind doll house or rocket ship.

Show us how you repurpose your box and inspire others to do the same by tagging us on Instagram @Spreetail.

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