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Grill Pellets 101

The 3 Types of Pellets

by Kaiti Hill
May 16, 2019

It’s time to put some thought behind which bag of fuel you’ll be grabbing for your grill – after all, a pellet grill is only as good as the pellets it’s burning. Before looking at brands or deciding how many pounds of pellets to purchase, you’ll want to brush up on the basics.

There are 3 types of pellets: flavored, blended, and standard.

  1. Flavored Hardwood Pellets

Flavored pellets are at the top of the smoking-pellet totem pole. They burn evenly, which keeps the temperature consistent while you cook. Flavored grill pellets also burn cleanly and produce very little ash. Genuine hardwood flavored pellets are made from 100 percent hardwood, meaning there aren’t any fillers, added flavors, or other unwanted substances – just pure hardwood. These pellets naturally get their flavor from the wood that they’re made from. Hardwood flavored pellets deliver optimum flavor and are the best option out there.

  1. Blended Pellets

At a lower price point, blended pellets may seem appealing at first – but don’t be fooled, there’s a catch. Blended pellets are part wood and part fillers, binders, and artificial flavor oil. Blended pellets don’t burn as evenly as flavored hardwood pellets and don’t deliver that true smoky flavor. They also don’t burn as cleanly and can cause harmful chemicals to make their way into your food. To keep the quality of your food and your health high, we suggest steering clear of blended pellets.

  1. Standard Pellets

Standard pellets aren’t grilling pellets at all – they’re intended for use with pellet stoves. Yes, pellet stoves – the stoves you use to heat your home – are still out there. Confusing standard pellets with grilling pellets can be a common mistake. When pellet shopping, be sure that the pellets you pick are intended for grilling.

Now that you know what to look for in wood pellets, you can browse our selection of pellets and grill accessories right here

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