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How to Clean and Maintain Your Above-Ground Pool

Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

by Kaiti Hill
Feb 25, 2019

While you certainly didn’t buy a pool to brush up on your water-skimming skills or to test out your knowledge of chemicals like chlorine, pool maintenance is an important part of being a pool owner. Dirty pools aren’t safe, sanitary, or pleasant to swim in.

To make cleaning and maintaining your pool even easier, we’ve created a guide featuring everything you need to get started.

Pool Chemicals

Balancing your pool’s chemical levels is essential, and it doesn’t take a chemist to do it. Both chlorine water pools and saltwater pools require chemical maintenance. Pool water test kits will be your best friend for figuring out if your pool’s levels are out of whack. Test kits check the pH level, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. If your pool’s chemical levels are up to no good, the test kit will tell you, and you’ll be able to adjust as needed.

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A Pool Pump

Pool pumps keep your pool’s water circulating. Without a pool pump, water wouldn’t be able to reach your pool’s filter – resulting in dirty water. The circulation created by pool pumps also helps prevent dead spots from forming. Dead spots are areas where the water stands still, making it more likely for algae to grow.

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A Pool Filter

The type of filter your pool needs depends on the type of pool itself. Most chlorine pools can take a cartridge filter or a sand filter. If you have a salt water pool with a salt water system, you’ll need a salt water chlorinator alongside your filter. Your pool’s guidebook should provide names or styles of compatible filters. If not, you can chat with our experts to get the knowledge you need.

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A Pool Vacuum

Pool vacuums are the pool filter’s sidekick. There are a variety of pool vacuums (also called pool cleaners) out there – manual pool cleaners, built in pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners, etc. – but they all do the same thing: lend a hand in removing debris, preventing algae growth, and just generally keeping your pool clean.

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A Pool Skimmer Net

Yes, more advanced pool skimmers exist, but have you considered a simple skimmer net? A pool skimmer net is a net at the end of an adjustable pole. You use the telescoping pole with its net attachment to scoop out any unwanted leaves, debris, or critters. Bonus: the pole part of your pool pole is super versatile. You can swap the net out for other pool cleaning accessories. Check out this pool vacuum that attaches to the end of your telescoping pole.

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Pool Covers

Once your pool is clean, you’ll want to keep it that way. A pool cover will help you keep out those pesky leaves, critters, and other unwanted particles. Pool covers serve other jobs too, like keeping the heat in your pool or allowing you to close your pool for the winter. If you’d like to learn more about the types of pool covers and their purposes, take a look at our pool cover guide – it covers it all.

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