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How to Have A More Eco-friendly Camping Trip

These Camping Tips Make Being Green Easy

by Maria Nazos 
May 9, 2019

Here at Spreetail, we go green whenever we can. When we say “green,”we don’t just mean creating wealth and opportunity for ourteam or giving back tocommunities. In this case, going green means going camping. When we pick products, we love to show how many of them contribute to a greener camping trip. 

From compost binsto our solar-powered path lightsto our LED swimming pool lights, we’re here tomake your home, garden, and yard a greener place. Today,we’regoing green while camping. We’d love to share tips and products for a fun and eco-friendly camping trip: 

Rinse, Lather, and Repeat 

When you’re going camping, use biodegradable bug spray and soap, especially when dipping in the river. Whereas bug-repellent keeps mosquitoes away and soap scrubs you clean, certain brands contain chemicals which aren’t exactly fish-friendly. Don’t scare the fishes by soaping off in their water. When you hit the camping trails, opt for a biodegradable soap and insect repellant. That way, the fishwill be happy, and you’ll be squeaky clean.  

Waste Not Even a Banana Peel 

Carry 3 trash bags with you reserved for recycling, trash, and compost - if you’re a lover of fruit and veggies. While youhike the trails, pack each bag with its required trash. If your camp site doesn’t have compost, take those materials home and add them to your compost collection. If you don’t have a compost bin, then consider some of our favorite kinds.Although fruits and veggies are biodegradable, some take longer to break down than others. So, instead of tossing out your fruit leftovers, toss them in your campsite or home compost heap.  

Taking Care of Business 

When nature calls, answer politely, even while you’re camping. Hit the campsite and hiking trails with a roll of toilet paper. Always try to use campsite restrooms, but if you’re on the trail, make your personal business a little more private: with a small shovel,dig a 6-inch hole. When the deed is done, thoroughly cover up the hole. To dispose of toilet paper, put it in a trash bag, then dispose at the camp site.  

Eat, Drink, and Reuse  

Drink water in a reusable container. With a simple carbineer clip, you can either stash or attach the water bottle to your backpack and enjoy hands-on rehydration while keeping your hands off plastic bottles.A similar tip applies to dishes. Lessen your landfill by bringing reusable plates, dishes, and silverware.  

If you’d like to start your eco-friendly camping trip off right, check out more of our favorite coolers and other blogs about camping. And reach out and call us.  

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