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How to Throw a Summer Birthday Party

The Must-Haves to Make Your Shindig a Success

by Tyler Schuster
May 3, 2019

It’s party time! Whether it’s your own birthday or someone special in your life’s special day, summer parties present great opportunities for warm weather, time with loved ones, and memories to last a lifetime.

That said, there are few important things to think about when hosting a summer bash. You should always keep an eye on the weather, have more than enough food/drinks, and as a host, it’s important that you enjoy the event too. To ensure your summer birthday bonanza goes off without a hitch, check out Spreetail to get the 5 must-have elements to any epic summer party.  

Engel Coolers 58-Quart High-Performance Roto-Molded Cooler 

Start with the basics and remember to always keep your guests hydrated. Nothing is worse on a sunny day than running out of drinks. With this 58-quart Engel cooler, you can fit a whopping 70 cans inside. The cooler is built of molded plastic and an airtight seal that keeps the cold inside and retains ice for 10 days at a time. 

Depending on the guest list, we recommend plenty of variety. Consider maybe adding some adult beverages, soda, juice pouches for kids, and plenty of water. 

Z-Shade Instant Gazebo 13 x 13-Foot Canopy 

Staying shaded in the summer must be a top priority and there’s no easier way to do so than with this pop-up canopy from Z-Shade. It arrives preassembled with a heavy-duty insta lock frame and takes just seconds to setup. It really can’t get any easier. 

This gazebo can be used on concrete, grass, or even dirt and is designed to provide protection from excess sun and rain. We recommend having this canopy ready for shade and as a fallback plan in case of an unexpected summer shower. 

Pyle 5.25-Inch Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Speakers 

It’s not a party until someone turns on the tunes. Keep the music and good vibes going at your summer party with this pair of indoor/outdoor speakers from Pyle. Portable, heavy-duty, and waterproof, these speakers are tailor made for a backyard bash or pool party. 

Small in size but big on sound, we recommend situating the speakers in different parts of your backyard for adequate sound all around. Queue up a playlist full of classics and chart toppers and keep the party going, courtesy of Pyle. 

YardGames Tumbling Timbers Wood Stacking Game 

You’ve got the drinks and the music, now it’s time for the entertainment. For a fun time, go with a family-friendly game of Tumbling Towers from YardGames.  

Stack the blocks high and take turns pulling out timbers without the stack coming crashing down. This game comes with 56 precut timber pieces and makes 19 stacked rows. We recommend setting this game up on a cinderblock in the backyard or on the patio table. Steady your hands and have fun with the whole family with this game. 

Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide Mega Shark 16-Foot Water Slide 

Keep your birthday party kid-friendly and take advantage of the nice weather with the Mega Shark Slip ‘N Slide from Wham-O. This slide is built with polymerized plastic and pairs perfectly with cool water and a hot summer day. 

At 16 feet long, the kids will have plenty of room to safely slide through the jaws of the shark. It takes just minutes to setup and will keep the kiddos entertained for hours on end. 

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