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Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Choosing the Best Lawn Mower for You and Your Lawn

by Maria Pontiero
Mar 4, 2019

While you might believe that spending two hours in the hot sun is a chore you need to finish as quickly as possible, here at Spreetail we like to think of mowing our lawns as a therapeutic experience. A lawn mower is one of the most essential pieces of equipment that every home owner will need. Personal preference and budget play a pivotal role when it comes to choosing how to mow your lawn. No matter how you feel, the type of lawn mower you need will largely be determined by three factors: the benefits, your lawn size, and the mower’s features. We tested and rated three different lawn mowers so you can easily pick the one that’s best for you and your lawn.  


Electric Lawn Mower 

The main reason we love electric mowers? You can say goodbye to frequent oil changes. The only maintenance required for an electric mower is sharpening or replacing the blade every so often. Another reason why we love our electrics mowers is that you reduce your carbon footprint, making electric mowers the smartest choice for the environment.  




  • Quieter 
  • No emissions 
  • Easy start up 


Ideal Lawn: 

  • Small to medium, under 1-3 acres 
  • Best for flat terrains  


Points to Consider: 

  • Comes corded or cordless 
  • Push or self-propelled 
  • Narrower cutting width 
  • Discharges, bags, or mulches clippings


Gas Lawn Mower  

Why we love gas mowers: depending on the type of gas mower you desire, you can either be in total control of mowing your lawn or have the self-propelled mower do the work for you. Whatever your mowing needs might be, a gas mower provides you with more power and supplies you with a tank that’ll last for an entire mow for most yards. 




  • High-powered 
  • Wide cutting width 
  • Handles thick grass  


Ideal Lawn: 

  • Small, at or under ½ acre 
  • Best for flat or uneven terrain 


Points to Consider:  

  • Requires periodic maintenance
  • Push or self-propelled
  • Discharges, bags, or mulches clippings


Manual Reel Lawn Mower 

 The top reason we love manual reel mowers? They’re quiet. So quiet that you could mow your lawn at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning and you wouldn’t hear any complaints from your neighbors. Manual mowers are our favorite pick for homeowners who have minimal yard work to do. A manual mower is a great hassle-free option and allows you to avoid starter cords or priming the engine before you mow. All you need to do is push and you’re cutting the grass! 




  • Quiet operation 
  • No pollutants
  • Low maintenance 


Ideal Lawn: 

  • Small, or less than ¼ acre 
  • Best for flat terrain  


Points to Consider: 

  • Manual push operation 
  • Economical  
  • Limited features


Before you invest in a quality mower from Spreetail consider the needs of your lawn. Do you have a big or small lawn? Are you searching for a mower that does the work for you? Or are you wanting a lawn mower that is friendly for the environment?  The good news is that at Spreetail we have a team of lawn care experts ready to help you find the mower of your dreams. To learn more about our lawn mowers just call, chat, or email our team today.