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Maintaining Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Care Tips and Tricks

by Kaiti Hill
Mar 18, 2019

Metal, wood, wicker, resin – it doesn’t matter the material, all outdoor furniture needs to be cared for. Showing your outdoor furniture some love will give it a longer lifetime and keep it looking great. The easiest best practice is to use outdoor furniture covers when your furniture isn’t in use. Just because you keep it covered though doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

Here’s how to care for your outdoor furniture:

Metal Furniture

Most metal-framed and metal outdoor furniture is finished with a protective coating, making it resistant to the elements. It’s still bound to get dirty though. Remove dirt and grime from your metal patio furniture by using a soft cloth or sponge, mild soap, and water. If signs of rust do begin to show, simply sand down the affected area and add a fresh coat of paint.

Wood Furniture

There’re countless different types of wood furniture out there, and each type of wood requires its own special care. The first step to caring for your wooden outdoor furniture is knowing what type of wood it is.

  • Teak: Teak and teak-like woods such as shorea can be cared for with water, mild detergent, and teak oil. This will help get rid of any dirt or buildup and keep your furniture its original color. Over time, teak and shorea age to a silvery-grey color. Teak oil is essential to maintaining your furniture’s vibrant, original color.
  • Varnished Wood: Varnished wood is simple to care for. You can keep your varnished wood furniture looking fresh with soap and water. Finished wood furniture is safe to leave outdoors in the winter, unlike other types of wood furniture.

Wicker Furniture

There’re a lot of different ways to clean outdoor wicker furniture. Depending on how dirty the wicker is, you can vacuum it, hose it down, or use mild soap and water. Like metal furniture, a lot of wicker furniture is coated with a weather-resistant finish, so caring for wicker is fairly low maintenance.


Resin outdoor furniture is the easiest to care for. A simple wash down with the hose will get your resin furniture looking as good as new.

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