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2 Items You Can’t Go to the Festival Without

by Kaiti Hill
May 8, 2019

Festival season is in full swing, and it’s time to prepare – even if that preparation is only a few days in advance. Our always fast, always free 1-2 day shipping has you covered. We’re rooting for you to have the best possible festival experience, so we’re sharing our top 2 festival favorites that we just can’t live without. Before we dish out the details on our go-to gear, remember to check your festival’s rules and regulations to see what you’re allowed to bring.

Our Go-To Gear

  1. Engel Roto-Molded Cooler

Food and drink are always at the top of our list – especially when long days outdoors are involved. This molded cooler by Engel is the sure-fire solution to keeping you well fed and well hydrated during your festival adventure. This hard sided cooler has enough insulation to keep its contents cold for up to 10 days. While 10 days may seem over the top, you’ll be thankful that an ice-cold beverage will be by your side all festival long.

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  1. Lamzac Stoel Air Lounger

When gearing up for a festival, less is more. Traditional outdoor chairs are bulky, heavy, and not always the most comfortable – especially when you’re trying to lounge around, sneak in a power nap between sets, or lay back to watch a show from afar. Lucky for us, the Lamzac Stoel lounger isn’t your typical outdoor chair. Somewhere between a bean bag chair and an inflatable, this air chair is compact, comfortable, and nearly weightless. To set this lounger up, all you have to do is swing it through the air and it’ll be inflated and ready to roll.

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Our festival packing list is longer than we’d like to admit, but these 2 items are always at the top. To ensure these essentials will arrive on time for your festival departure date, enter your zip code on the product page.

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