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Our Top 3 Container Gardening Tips

Help Your Potted Plants Thrive

by Kaiti Hill
May 1, 2019

Container gardening is a low maintenance alternative to traditional gardening (read more about why we love it here), but low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Even in pots and planters, your flowers, succulents, and other greenery need some level of care and attention. Start your container gardens off on the right foot – or get them back on track – with these top 3 tips:

  1. Don’t Forget Drainage Holes

Drainage holes are #1 on our list for a reason – they’re vital. Without drainage holes, your plants won’t stand much of a chance. Excess water won’t have anywhere to go, meaning your plants’ roots will end up sitting in water – hello, root rot. To avoid this, be sure to choose planters with drainage holes. If the pots or planters you’re eyeing don’t have drainage holes, you can easily add your own with the help of a drill.

  1. Be Careful Not to Overwater

Overwatering potted plants is a top cause of killing them – which reinforces the importance of drainage holes. Plants are more likely to survive an accidental H2O overdose with proper drainage. To avoid overwatering your plants all together, brush up on your plant knowledge and familiarize yourself with your plants’ specific needs. While the amount of water a plant needs varies from plant to plant, a good rule of thumb is to feel the soil to check for moisture. If the top inch or so is dry, your plant could likely use a watering. 

  1. Potting Soil Is Important

Most plants can make do with your average bag of all-purpose potting soil, but not all plants. There are a variety of potting soils and potting mixes out there, and you’ll want to choose one that best matches your plant’s natural environment. Plants like succulents, cacti, and orchids all call for their own special mixes. Plants usually come with markers specifying their soil needs, making it easy to pick the right soil.  

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