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Small Steps to Upgrade Your Lawn Care Routine

Become a Lawn Care Pro with These 3 Easy Tips

by Dan Downs
May 1, 2019

You put a lot of work into taking care of your lawn every season, and you want it to give back to you by providing a lush, healthy, green space for you to enjoy. You're probably already mowing and watering regularly, so what else is there? To help you take your lawn care regimen to the next level, check out these 3 tips that we think prove it's okay to sweat the small stuff. 

Feeding Your Grass 

Think of your lawn like a hungry, growing child. You have to give it the right nutrients in order for it to grow up strong. Starting in the spring, get your soil tested with an at-home testing kit, or at your local nursery. This will tell you the pH balance of your yard and point you toward the best mix of fertilizer for you. Once you've identified which one that is, pick up a spreader like this Earthway Deluxe Estate Broadcast Seed and Fertilizer Spreader to help you evenly distribute fertilizer by spreading much-needed nutrients into the soil, giving you thicker, greener grass. It's also great for seeding the lawn (which we recommend doing in the fall) and distributing ice melt in the winter. 

Watering the Easy Way 

Just like humans, your lawn needs plenty of water to stay healthy. Using a sprinkler is a great way to water your yard, but overwatering can be costly and can cause fungus, mold, and invite pests. We recommend watering until you can easily push a screwdriver into your soil up to 6-inches deep.  

Automate this process with a sprinkler timer that waters at certain times or days you designate and shuts itself off, like this Melnor 4-Zone Automatic Sprinkler Timer. You'll save money on water, and you'll ensure your lawn stays green and healthy in the summer months. We recommend watering early in the morning, and immediately after you apply fertilizer. This will help wash it off the top of your grass, and down into your soil. 

Make Your Lawn Stand Out 

To really make your lawn pop, invest in an edger like the Worx 40-Volt String Trimmer Edger. An edger cuts away creeping grass from sidewalks, driveways, or garden beds, giving your lawn a neat, tidy appearance accentuated by clean lines. Worx's dual-purpose model works as both a trimmer to help reach areas your mower can't go, and an edger with included wheels to help reduce operator fatigue. Just roll it along the pavement, and it will cut a clean line between the grass and your driveway.  

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