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Spruce Up Your Yard for Spring

5 Things You Can Do to Prep Your Yard for Warmer Weather

by Nathan Sousek
May 3, 2019

Spring has returned and alongside the arrival of warmer weather, singing birds, and budding plants and trees, so has caring for your yard. After the long months of cool weather and winter, your yard will likely be looking worse for wear and in need of some attention. 

Don't worry. We’re big fans of the outdoors here at Spreetail and have the answers you need to keep your yard looking great no matter the season. Below we’ve listed our top 5 tips for sprucing up your yard to start the spring season off right.  

Spring Cleaning 

There’s a reason spring is associated with cleaning, as it’s the perfect time to get rid of old and unwanted material around your home. For your yard, one of the most important first steps in cleaning is to remove any decaying plant matter, also known as thatch, that may have built up. Thatch can take many forms, from fallen leaves to last year’s dead flowers and grass clippings. Left unaddressed it can prevent water, air, sunlight, and other nutrients from reaching your growing lawn beneath.  

Taking a rake or dethatcher toolacross your lawn will ensure new growth isn’t stunted and your yard has everything it needs to remain healthy. Additionally, pick up any fallen tree branches, blow any leavesfree from landscapes, and reposition any outdoor objects knocked over by the wind to keep your yard free of unseemly clutter.  

Aerate — So Your Lawn Breathes Easier 

Once the ground has completely thawed, it’s time to really dig into your yard preparation. Over time your yard can become compacted, whether due to natural settling or from heavy use. Compaction restricts the flow of air and other nutrients into the soil and prevents your lawn from growing as it should. Aerating your yard, a process of removing small dirt plugs or gently loosening the soil by poking holes into it, allows your grass to breathe easier while also enabling water and other nutrients to reach your grass’s roots.  

A motorized aerator will make short work of this task, but a simple digging fork like the Radius Garden Prowill work as well. To start, press the tines of the fork into the ground 2 to 4 inches. Next, wiggle the fork gently back and forth to ventilate the soil. From there, move the pitchfork another couple inches and repeat the process until your entire lawn is aerated.  

Fertilize for the Green 

Fertilizing your lawn in spring is a sure-fire step to ensuring a thick, lush green yard in the months ahead. As your lawn grows, it uses various nutrients in the soil to do so. Over time, however, those nutrients become depleted. Replenishing these nutrients ensures your yard gets the fuel necessary to kickstart the growing process and maintain a steady supply for continued growth all-season long. Fertilizing also means your lawn will grow faster and stay green and healthy, protecting it from diseases or stunted growth. Plus, it just looks better.  

Applying fertilizer isn’t hard, either. For a time-saving, even coverage, consider the Earthway Medium-Duty Seed & Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch 

Once your lawn’s taken care of, turn your attention to the other plants within your yard. From large trees and shrubs to flowering grasses and bushes, adding mulch around your garden and landscape plants adds nutrients so that they stay healthy and keeps your yard looking sharp and vibrant. Mulching also protects your plants’ roots and bases from harsh sunlight, deters weeds from growing, and prolongs soil moisture. Together this reduces the amount of watering you need to provide because your soil doesn’t dry out as quickly and your plant’s water isn’t beingsucked away by weeds. 

Service Your Tools  

It may seem premature to begin breaking out your yard’s power tools, but as in all things, it pays to be prepared. Before you know it, your grass will go from growing to grown and you’ll need your lawn mowerweed trimmer, garden hoses, and other outdoor equipment to stay ahead of the yard care game. Break them out of storage, check any fuses or spark plugs, refill fuel and oil reservoirs, sharpen blades, and even give them a practice run. The sooner you tend to your tools’ maintenance needs, the less time you’ll spend resolving problems when you need them most.  

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get prepared for summer. For all your yard care needs, check out ourentire selection of lawn and garden equipment

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