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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Keeping Your Grass Healthy in the Summer Heat

by Kaiti Hill
May 16, 2019

High summer temps are a signal that it’s time to stay hydrated and slather on the sunscreen – they’re also an indication that it’s time to switch up your yard care routine. The way you care for you lawn needs to change just as the seasons do.

To keep your lawn happy and healthy during the hot summer months, follow these 3 yard care tips:

  1. Watering

You know your grass needs water – the question is how much water does it need and when does it need it? To stay healthy, your lawn needs about 1 inch of water per week. Any more or any less, and you’ll be harming you yard. The easiest way to ensure you’re not over or underwatering your yard is by using an irrigation system. With a sprinkler timer, you can program when your grass will be watered and how long it’ll be watered for. When programming your sprinkler system, keep in mind that it’s best to water your lawn in the morning. Watering your grass in the afternoon when the heat is at its peak means your lawn will lose out on maximum hydration. Watering your grass after dark encourages the growth of fungi and welcomes unwanted critters.

  1. Mowing

Instead of aiming for that super short look when mowing, you’ll want to keep your grass a bit longer. This doesn’t mean skipping mowing altogether – it simply means that you’ll want to adjust your mower’s blade height. By raising the cut height of your lawn mower blade, you’ll get a crisp, clean look that helps your grass’ roots grow deeper and stronger. Deep, strong roots help protect your grass during stress, and too much heat is definitely a stressor for greenery.

  1. Clippings

To bag or not to bag lawn clippings is a hot topic. While both options have their pros and cons, we believe it’s best to let your clippings run free in the summertime. As long as your clippings aren’t too bulky or thick, they’ll do more good than harm to your yard. Over time, grass clippings slowly and naturally fertilize your lawn as they break down – which is important. You don’t want to fertilize your lawn yourself in the summer because the combination of fertilizer and extreme sun can leave your yard scorched. Before the clippings decompose, they offer extra shade for your freshly cut grass too.

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