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Take Your Float Trip to the Next Level

6 Tips for a Successful River Tubing Trip

by Will Folsom
May 13, 2019

When the weather gets hot and the sun’s beating down, there’s no better place to cool off with your friends than down on the river. Before you head off on your first floating adventure, take a look at some of our tips for a great float trip.

  1. Choose a Tube

There are a lot of ways to float down a river. You could paddle a canoe, motor around on a pontoon boat, or even kick back in a cattle water tank (look up “river tanking”). Our favorite method is with inflatable tubes. Tubes are affordable, lightweight, portable, and easy to inflate if you have an affordable electric air pump.

 We’re a big fan of Intex River Run rafts. Take the River Run Inflatable Tube. It has tons of awesome features. Not only is it a comfy spot to relax as you float, it’s also tougher than your average pool float. Thanks to its 18-gauge vinyl, this tube is perfect for rivers with the occasional rock or log in the way. We also love the built-in cupholders and grab rope for getting in and out easily. Got a first mate? The River Run 2 Inflatable Tube is an awesome way for you and a copilot to float together.  

  1. Bring the Sun Protection

 Make your mom happy and wear that sunscreen. Even on cloudy days, spending a lot of time on the water can really bake your skin. We also recommend bringing along cheap sunglasses you won’t lose sleep over dropping in the river. You can keep the sun off your face and neck too with a brimmed hat.

  1. Don’t Forget Footwear

You never know what’s on the river bottom, so we recommend wearing some sandals or old sneakers you don’t mind getting wet. They’ll protect your feet from sharp rocks and sticks as you’re wading to shore or hopping into your river float.

  1. Remember to Hydrate

Drinks are important. Pack up your favorite beverages, but remember to pack some water too. Water bottles that you can tether to your float are a good start, but not all of them will keep your drinks cold for long. That’s why we love floating coolers. Check out this CreekKooler floating cooler. Not only does it float, it has its own cupholders and holds up to 30 12-ounce cans or 20 pounds of ice. You can tie floating coolers like this to your tube and you’ll have ice cold drinks wherever you go. What’s not to love?

  1. Leave Non-Essentials at Home

Just as important as deciding what to bring on your next float trip is what not to bring. Try to avoid bringing anything you can’t afford to lose, because if it ends up in the river, you probably won’t be getting it back. When it comes to a phone, wallet, or fancy camera, leave it at home or in the car if you can.

  1. Keep Essentials Dry

For items you can’t do without (like some cash, a credit card, ID, keys, and so on), store them inside a spare wide-mouth plastic water bottle. This will keep them safe and dry. Even if the water bottle gets away from you, it won’t be sinking to the bottom of the river. Plastic baggies are another good, cheap alternative for keeping items dry, but don’t tempt fate by jumping into the river with those.

No matter where the current takes you this summer, these tips will make the trip even better so you can let yourself and your worries drift away. Connect with our experts 24/7 at 833-777-3382, [email protected], or by chatting us down below. Be the first to know about new products and can't-miss promotions by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.