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The Difference Between Salt Water & Chlorine Pools

Find Out the Difference

by Kaiti Hill
Feb 11, 2019

Surprise! Saltwater pools aren’t actually chlorine free. Yup, you heard that right. Though they carry some of the same chemical that gives chlorine pools their name, they’re anything but alike. To help you decide what type of water should be filling your backyard swimming pool, we’re giving you the details on each. Let’s dive in.

Chlorine Pools

Chlorine water pools have a lot going for them. They’re more cost effective than salt water pools when it comes to upfront costs and longer-term costs, like your energy bills. Not to mention, chlorine is highly effective in doing what it’s supposed to do – keeping your pool’s water clean.

There are several benefits of chlorine pools, but they have a few extra considerations too. When properly maintained, they’re great at keeping your pool safe and sanitary. However, it’s easy for chlorinated water to become unbalanced. This means you must stay on top of monitoring pH levels to make sure everything’s in check. We’re also all too familiar with the ever-potent chlorine smell that sticks itself to our hair, bodies, and swimsuits. Chlorine is a strong chemical, and it’s harsher than its saltwater counterpart.

Saltwater Pools

As we let on before, there is in fact chlorine in saltwater pools. The level is much lower, meaning salt water pools are a lot gentler on you and your favorite swimsuit. Your skin won’t dry out as easily and that chlorine smell won’t linger as long post swim session. Pools with a salt water pool system also tend to be gentler on the eyes, meaning your eyes won’t burn as much if you accidentally open them underwater or receive an unwelcome splash. This is especially ideal for little ones who can be extra sensitive to pool chemicals.

Saltwater swimming pools have their own set of considerations. Salt water pools have a bigger upfront cost and longer-term maintenance cost. The salt can also corrode your pools liner or paint over time, so it’s best to pick a pool liner after you pick your pools water type.

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