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The Pool Cover Lowdown

Types of Pool Covers Explained

by Kaiti Hill
May 8, 2019

As a pool owner, a pool cover is essential. Though above ground pool covers and inground pool covers often come as an afterthought during all the new-pool excitement, they’re one of those things you don’t want to overlook. With all the different types of pool covers out there, it can be hard to know which is the best pool cover for your swimming pool. We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the pool cover current. And hey – if you did get too caught up in the new-pool excitement, our always fast, always free 1-2-day shipping will get you squared away in no time.

Winterizing Pool Covers

Winterizing pool covers, also known as winter pool covers, are some of the most popular covers around. These pool tarps are easier on the wallet, durable, and have the ability to block out sunlight and debris. While these swimming pool covers truly are durable for a handful of seasons, their strength falls short over time. Winter pool tarps usually last about 1 to 3 seasons, which means you’ll have to invest again in a few years. Winter covers also don’t offer much safety. These covers aren’t designed to hold anything large that may fall on top.

You should get a winterizing cover if: you’re closing your pool for the winter or want a low-cost cover.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar covers, or thermal pool covers, are a great summertime solution for those climates that have a cooler nighttime. The purpose of solar covers is to keep the heat in the pool for its next use. You can pop the cover on after a sunny day and come back for a night swim in warm water. Solar swimming pool covers can help cut down on heating costs if you have a heated pool, or they can help bump up the temperature in a pool that’s not heated.

You should get a solar cover if: you’re looking for a pool cover for the milder seasons or to better maintain your pool’s temperature.

Safety Pool Covers

It’s all in the name with these covers. Safety covers are your best bet if you have children or pets at home. These covers are designed to keep anything that falls on top, on top. The price tag on safety covers tends to run a little higher, so these covers are definitely more of an investment.

You should get a safety cover if: you want the pool cover that does it all and are worried about keeping little ones (humans and furry friends) safe.

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