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When to Replace Your Pool Cartridge Filter

5 Clues It’s Time for a New Filter

by Kaiti Hill
Feb 18, 2019

Unfortunately, your pool doesn’t have a simple signal to let you know when your pool’s filter cartridge needs a cleaning or when it needs to be replaced entirely. However, there’s a handful of signs that hint it’s time for a little above ground pool or inground pool maintenance.

You should replace your pool filter if:

1. It’s cracked.

The ends of cartridge filters are made of durable plastic, but even the most durable of materials lose their strength over time. Constant exposure to pool chemicals can cause cracking or chips in the plastic. Broken pool filter end caps can lead to pieces of plastic floating through your pool’s filter system, which could cause damage to other innerworkings of your pool.

2. The pleats show a lot of wear and tear.

The pleats are the accordion-like part of your pool filter cartridge. They’re generally made of polyester, and like the plastic end caps, the pleats also wear down over time. When the pleats start looking worn – holes, tears, rips, and fraying – you know it’s time to bring in a new pool cartridge for your filter.

3. The pleats are flattened.

A new filter has little spaces between each of the pleats for water to flow through. Over time, the cartridge pleats can flatten together, which prevents the water from actually being filtered. Reduced filtering equals dirty water.

4. You’re doing all the right things, but your pool’s water is still dirty.

How often you need to clean your pool cartridge depends on your swimming pool, the filter, and you. If you don’t rinse off before you get in your pool, the day’s grime will follow you in. Wearing lotion, sunscreen, and other skincare products in the pool will also shorten the lifespan of your pool filter.

5. You notice you need to clean it more frequently.

How often you need to rinse your pool filter varies greatly from pool to pool. Your specific cartridge should come with directions on how often to rinse your filter based off pressure flow. Our simple advice is to check your pool filter every week in the beginning to see when it needs to be rinsed. You’ll come to know when your filter needs cleaning, and then will be able to recognize when it needs more frequent cleanings than usual.

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