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Why We Love the Seina Cart

With This Versatile Tool, You’ll Be Swell on Wheels

by Dan Moser
May 3, 2019

It’s a whole new take on the classic red wagon. And while we wouldn’t go so far as to say Seina has reinvented the wheel, it’s definitely come up with some next-level wagoneering. 

The uses for the Seina Compact Folding Outdoor Utility Cart are almost endless. Gardeners will appreciate its usefulness around the yard to haul plants, tools, potting soil, and fertilizer. Parents will load it up with diapers, toys, and snacks to take with them for a kids’ playdate, trip to the beach, or a T-ball game. Urban dwellers with groceries or laundry to get up to their upper-level apartments or condos can say goodbye to multiple trips up and down the elevator.  

Seina’s utility cart introduces a level of convenience that an old-school wagon can’t match. We love the way it folds up compactly and stores easily in our trunk, garage, or closet. We delight in its heavy-duty steel frame and tough 600D polyester fabric, so it can hold just about anything we can load into it, up to 150 pounds – though, please, it’s not recommended for hauling kids. The cart measures about 32 x 20 x 21 inches, and we love that folded up, it’s just 25 x 18 by 5 inches. 

The Seina cart sits on 4 sturdy wheels and has a handle for easy pulling. It takes corners like a champ and travels over uneven ground as easily as it does pavement, carpet or concrete. We’re betting you’ll find it so useful and convenient; you’ll keep one tucked away in your car’s trunk all the time. And maybe another in your closet. 

Wherever you keep or use it, the Seina utility cart is sure to replace that iconic red wagon in your heart, or at least at the end of your arm. 

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