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Yes, You Do Need an Inflatable Hot Tub

We’re Here to Help You Pick the Right One

by Maria Pontiero
Feb 25, 2019

Sure, a jet ski or an ATV sounds nice to have, but how often are you realistically going to use them? A hot tub is something you can use every day and makes your backyard the place to go for a good time. Whether it’s hosting a big party, kicking back with a few friends, or simply spending time reconnecting with your family, there’s no denying that slipping into that warm water and letting the jets massage your muscles feels so amazing.

Lucky for you, we have options. If you love the idea of relaxing in your own spa, but don’t want something as permanent as a standard hot tub, an inflatable hot tub is the perfect solution. But before you find yourself relaxing in hot water, you should consider the following.

Inflatable Hot Tub vs. Standard Hot Tub

They provide essentially the same experience as a standard spa, without requiring permanent changes to your home or property. They’re easy enough to set up, and you should be able to do it on your own as long as you can carry the hot tub when it’s deflated. Check out these important inflatable hot tub features:


Our most popular inflatable hot tubs are available in two, four, or six-person capacities. However, they’re typically a tight fit. If you want some wiggle room for bathing – and you have wiggle room in your budget – consider sizing up.


A great inflatable hot tub feature is that you can use them indoors or out. Wherever you want it, know you’ll need ample space to provide room for the spa. If space isn’t an issue, then remember portable spas are easy to move. Just drain it, deflate it, and then move it to wherever you desire.

Control Panel

Portable spas have simple digital control panels with a basic LED display and a few buttons to adjust settings such as temperature control, powering up the jets, and a heater timer. When you’re shopping around, remember to check whether the control panel is accessible from within your hot tub. Nobody wants to get out and walk over to the pump just to turn the heat back on, but some inflatable spas require that.


Nearly all portable spas are round, but you’ll also find a few square models in our selection. While it may not be a deal-breaking feature, you may find that square models and two-person rowboat style hot tubs have a bit more leg room for bathers. Of course, the space also depends on how many people you have in the spa at one time.

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