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Yes, You Need a Pellet Grill

10 Reasons to Switch to a Pellet Grill

by Kaiti Hill
May 28, 2019

It’s official. The times have changed – pellet grills aren’t just for the pro pit masters anymore. Pellet grills are now an accessible, easy-to-use option for the at-home griller. If you haven’t jumped on the pellet-grill train yet, come on aboard.

Here Are 10 Reasons to Invest in a Pellet Grill:

  1. They’re Easy to Use

It’s time to kick the prenotation that pellet grills are only for the pros to the curb. Pellet grills use convection heating to cook food – aka they cook just like an oven, making them super user friendly. Once your food is on the grill and your timer is set, pellet grills require minimum attention.

  1. They’re Consistent

Because pellet grills use convection heating, they’re extremely consistent when it comes to maintaining temperature. Set the temperature according to what you’re cooking, and leave the rest to the grill. Unlike gas and charcoal grills, there’s no need to worry about dangerous and recipe-ruining flare ups.

  1. They’re Versatile

Just like your oven, your future pellet grill is uber versatile when it comes to what you can cook with it. Pellet grills – sometimes called pellet smokers – have an unparalleled temperature range, making them ideal for cooking all sorts of foods. Fish, poultry, beef, veggies – you name it, these grills can cook it. Pellet grills aren’t just for grilling either. With the right grill accessories, you can even bake with your pellet grill. 

  1. They Enhance Your Food

Convection cooking is more than a care-free, consistent way to cook – it produces a better final product too. Convection cooking uses indirect heat and smoke to cook your food, giving you top-notch results. Pellet grills are the only grills that use convection heating, putting them a step above your regular gas or charcoal grill.

  1. They Flavor Your Food

It’s all in the name here. Pellet grills use flavored pellets to cook your food and infuse it with flavor. We’re not talking artificially flavored pellets either. Quality hardwood grilling pellets get their flavor from their natural respective wood. Pellet options range from hickory to mesquite, and everything in between. You’ll be able to choose a flavor that complements whatever you’re cooking. Learn more about grill pellets here.

  1. They’re Eco-Friendly

Pellet grilling is a more eco-friendly way to prep dinner outdoors. The wood pellets used in pellet grills are made from compressed sawdust that would’ve otherwise been tossed away. To further amp up their eco-friendly image, wood pellets are one of the cleanest burning fuel sources in the grill game. It’s a win-win here.

  1. They’re Healthier

All grilling poses a slight health risk, but thanks to their clean fuel source and flare-up-free design, pellet grills are a healthier grilling option. Grill flare ups – sudden bursts of high flames – can be the most harmful to your health. These flare ups are what cause food to become charred, which is where the real concern of consuming carcinogens comes in. With pellet grills, there’s no need to worry about flare ups, so there’s less reason to stress about hurting your health.

  1. They Use Cost-Effective Fuel

Pellet grills themselves can be a bit of an investment, but their fuel source surely compensates for that. On average, a bag of wood pellets costs less than an equivalent amount of natural gas or propane.

  1. They’re Easy to Maintain

More than being easy to cook with, pellet grills are also easy to maintain. After burning, the wood pellets produce only a small amount of ash, meaning you won’t need to empty out the ash catcher after every use. 

  1. They’re Great to Experiment With

Because pellet grills are able to hold a consistent temperature and are so easy to use, they’re great for experimenting. Once you’re familiar with temperature ranges for different food items, you can play with other variables – wood pellet flavors, seasonings, and more – to really up your skill on the grill.

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