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Aqua-Mag 500 GPH Magnetic Drive Aquarium Pond Pump

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No water garden is complete without fish. Create a tranquil environment for your fish and admire the beauty of nature with the help of this Aqua-Mag 500 Gallon Per Hour Magnetic Drive Aquarium Pond Pump from Supreme. This pond pump keeps the water moving for continuously fresh and sparkling water. Adding a pond to your garden or backyard requires planning and creativity. Make the technical parts easier with this simple pond pump. Use this pond pump in ponds, water features, statuary, or waterfalls that require a maximum flow rate of 500 gallons per hour. For 1,000 gallon ponds, this pond pump will circulate the water completely once every 2 hours. When used with waterfall features, this pond pump has a 10.5-foot shut off. Suitable for any pond set up, this pond pump works as a fully submersible pump or an in-line pump. Focus on the fun, creative parts of garden pond set up. All you need to do is connect this pond pump, plug it in, and you're done. This simple pond pump uses 0.5-inch FPT inlet connections and discharges water out of its 0.5-inch MPT outlet. To power it, just connect its 10-foot-long grounded power cable. With your pump set up, your energy can go into arranging rocks, pebbles, flowering lotus, and green sweetflag. This pond pump is made for ponds housing plants and fish. It uses epoxy rather than oil to keep your bottom dwelling gobi, reclusive golden tench, or bright koi fish safe from chemical contaminants. Pond maintenance becomes easier as well with this epoxy lubricant. There's no oily residue to wipe off of your pond liner or rocks. Hide this pond pump in plain sight. With its black coloring, this pond pump blends in with the rocks and soil at the bottom of your pond or hides inside your pond skimmer housing. The compact size lets you put this pond pump practically anywhere. This pond pump is only 5 inches long, 3.8 inches wide, and 4.2 inches tall. You'll also appreciate the quiet operation of this pond pump. It runs quietly all day long so you'll only focus on your beautiful garden and fish. Save yourself time and money on upkeep and day-to-day performance with this pond pump. The Supreme Aqua-Mag uses a magnetic drive motor that uses less electricity than direct drive models. This saves you money on your monthly energy bill so you never sacrifice your fishes' high-quality home for cost. Keep the technical parts of owning an aquarium pond simple. The Supreme Aqua-Mag 500 Gallon Per Hour Magnetic Drive Aquarium Pond Pump makes installation and maintenance easy so your fish and garden pond get your full attention.


  • 500 gallon per hour pond pump designed for aquarium ponds
  • Energy-efficient magnetic drive motor saves you money on your electricity bill
  • 10.5-foot shut-off
  • Safe for plants and fish thanks to its oil-free design
  • Includes reusable foam pre-filter
  • Works in fresh and saltwater environments
  • General purpose clear water circulation pump
  • Ideal for: ponds and water gardens, waterfalls, larger statuary, de-watering, and hydroponic installations
  • Operates as a submersible or in-line pump
  • 10-foot grounded power cord
  • No seals to wear
  • Ceramic shaft
  • Specifications:
  • Pump type: Pond pump
  • Amperage: 0.9 amps
  • Wattage: 45 watts
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