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| DHT-100481

5-Ton Force 2 HP Electric Horizontal Log Splitter

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A wise man once said, “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice." Unfortunately for him, he didn't know that with the power and efficiency of the 2 Horsepower Horizontal Electric Log Splitter from Dirty Hand Tools, you can split more wood faster, saving more time next to the roaring fire away from the Mother Nature's chill. With just a 105-pound frame, this easy-to-maneuver wood splitter may not look like much at first glance. But once you grab the 6-foot power cord and plug this little monster into any standard 3 prong outlet, a roaring lumberjack comes to life. Boasting 5 tons of maximum splitting force powering an unstoppable 4.9-inch steel wedge, this log splitter can slice through oak, pine or birch like its warm butter. This firewood splitter is constructed the highest quality of materials to give you the relief of a towering woodpile without the stress and soreness that comes with swinging an axe all day. With a 20-second, down and back cycle time that cuts through more stumps and logs in less time, this tool and its heat-treated steel wedge are bonded to stand the test every season. Behind the sharp wedge and the moving plane, the 2 HP motor with a 3.1-gallon hydraulic capacity keeps going for as long as you have trees that need to be felled. The low, 17.7-inch working height allows you to easily get heavy logs from the ground to the cutting platform. Building large organized piles of firewood that stay stacked and dry is simple with its user-friendly design. The easy, 1 stage operation allows you to have total control over when you are cutting the raw wood and after each log is split, the convenient large log cradle holds the wood until you are ready to stack it. Working longer and harder may have given the last generation a great sense of accomplishment, but in the present day, working smarter and having more time for other activities is just as valuable. Allow yourself to relax in your winter retreat for longer with the fast-paced Dirty Hand Tools 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter helping you to get chores done fast.


  • 5-ton maximum splitting force can tear through tough stumps and hardwoods
  • 2 HP motor runs on 120V with a 3.1-quart hydraulic capacity
  • 20-second, down and back cycle time makes it easy to get through more logs without needing a break
  • 4.9-inch wedge is constructed of high heat-treated steel for unmatched cutting strength
  • Built-in log cradle keeps large logs in line all the way to the splitting edge
  • 6-foot grounded power cord with a standard 3 prong connection is easy to
  • Gripped handle and flat-proof, 7-inch wheels help to maneuver easily
  • Low, 17.7-inch working height allows you to quickly bring large logs from the ground to the splitter
  • 2.17-inch motor diameter with a 15.2-inch stroke cylinder
  • Auto-return valve adds safety
  • Ready to use, hydraulic fluid added
  • Specifications:
  • Maximum log length: 20.5 inches
  • Wedge material: Heat-treated steel
  • Max PSI: 2,900
  • Motor: 120V, 60Hz, 15A, 2HP (3,400 RPM)

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