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| DHT-104609

800-Watt Gas-Powered Portable Inverter Generator, Gray

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Sometimes, there just isn't an outlet around when you need one. Maybe it's a job site that isn't connected to the power grid yet. Maybe it's a campsite in the middle of a forest. Either way, you still need to be able to charge or power your electronics. For a compact and portable solution, use the Dirty Hand Tools Portable Inverter Generator. This generator runs on gas and can be used anywhere outside. That makes it a great option for workers who need a place to plug in their tools or campers who need to charge their phones. It has 3 different outlets that you can use for different devices. The first is a 120-volt AC outlet. This is essentially like a standard household outlet, which makes it great for anything you would plug into your home. The second outlet is a 12-volt DC power supply. This can be useful for charging low-voltage items like batteries. The third outlet is a USB port, which means you can charge phones and other personal electronics without the need for a converter. Other generators can run into trouble when charging sensitive electronics like a phone or laptop. That's because they can generate surges in power that would damage smaller batteries. But this generator is an inverter generator, which allows it to deliver power at a much more consistent rate. That way you can keep your things charged without damaging their batteries. Another benefit of the inverter generator is that it doesn't make a lot of noise when it runs. It only makes a sound level of around 58 decibels, about the volume of a conversation. So if you're using it out in nature, you can be comfortable that you won't disturb the peace around you. With a peak power of 800 watts and a running power of 700 watts, the Dirty Hand Tools Portable Inverter Generator can deliver power wherever you might need it.


  • 700 watts of power with 800 peak wattage provides an additional surge when your appliance starts up
  • Plug in multiple devices; perfect for camping and job sites
  • Power-sensitive generator protects your electronics
  • Quiet device runs at 58 decibels, about the same volume as a conversation
  • Equipped with 12 VDC and USB outputs to adapt to your devices
  • Runs at 8 hours at half a load for maximum fuel-efficiency
  • If oil depletes, device shuts down without burning out
  • Specifications:
  • Circuit breaker: 5.8 Amps
  • Power receptacles: 1 120-volt AC, 1 12-volt DC, 1 USB
  • Fuel type: Unleaded gasoline
  • Spark plug gap: 0.024 to 0.028 inches
  • Run time at 50% load: 8 hours
  • Sound rating: 58 dB
  • Engine make: 1.4-HP 40cc, 4-Cycle
  • Peak wattage: 800 watts

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