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212cc Gas Wood Chipper Shredder with Mulch Bag, Green

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Picture this: it's a gorgeous, sunny day and the weather is perfect. Since there's nothing more relaxing in nice weather than going outside and sitting under the trees, you make a glass of ice-cold lemonade and make a beeline for your hammock. But just as you start to settle in, you notice the sound of twigs popping and cracking underfoot. You spy dozens of branches laying around, littering your beautiful, pristine yard. This unorganized mess of loose foliage can take anyone out of a peaceful oasis - but it doesn't have to. That's where the Earthquake 30520 Tazz Viper 212cc Gas Wood Chipper Shredder can help. Instead of raking, hand-picking, hauling or wheelbarrowing branches to and fro, take care of them the easy way by shredding them with this powerful chipper machine. Your inner child will delight in knowing you can throw in just about any branch up to 3-inches in diameter or less. The grinding chamber will take it in, automatically obliterating and reducing it down to 1/20th its original size. After being chewed up, what's left of your branches is sent directly to the attached debris bag for optimum portability. Just grab the bag for easy hauling to your yard waste can or save it for the compost pile. The Tazz chipper shredder is perfectly sized for easy transportation. At a whopping 51-inches tall, you won't need to bend over to haul it around. The angled handlebar perfectly places the unit's center of gravity over the wheels so transportation is stable and safe. The large 11-inch wheels made from solid material will never go flat and can handle rough terrain with ease. And this shredder's small, compact design ensures you'll be able to easily store it away in the shed or garage without taking up too much space. Get rid of the branches, leaves, and twigs, and get back to a twig and branch-free yard with the Tazz chipper shredder.


  • Shred twigs, leaves, branches, and other debris for easy hauling away
  • Powerful 212cc engine can handle branches up to 3-inches in diameter
  • Produces up to 20% more vacuum than most chippers
  • Large 11-inch wheels are designed to never go flat
  • Compact enough to store away in your garage without taking up much space
  • Includes a debris bag with a Bottom Out zipper, rugged fabric carrying handles, and Dock-and-Lock bag connector for fast attachment
  • Angled handlebar is placed directly over the wheels for stability and safety
  • Steel grinding chamber takes material and reduces it down to 1/20th of its original size
  • Specifications:
  • Engine type: 4-cycle
  • Engine displacement: 212cc
  • Maximum RPM: 3,600
  • Starter type: Recoil
  • Oil capacity: 16.902 ounces
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 gallons
  • Fuel type: 87+ octane unleaded

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