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500 Kamado Style WiFi Controller for Grills and Smokers

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Monitoring and adjusting the temperature of the grill or smoker is an integral part of the cooking process. Without those capabilities, you run the risk of undercooked or overcooked food. Receive alerts and always stay on top of your grilling temperatures with the 500 Kamado Style WiFi Controller for Grills and Smokers. Using precision technology, patented software, and a speed blower, you now have the ability to closely manage and monitor your smoker or grill with this controller. The controller can be paired with most Kamado-style and ceramic grills and smokers and when you download the mobile app or pair with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can manage and monitor from anywhere. Think of your mobile phone as the remote with the app. You can receive text alerts when the temp is too high or too low and you can make adjustments as needed. The controller includes manual push buttons but works in conjunction with the app and smart systems. Using the large LCD screen, you can manage the temperature of up to 3 different meats and even view graphs of your cooking to learn more about specific readings. Overall, this controller will give you an unparalleled look at what grilling/smoking meat could be with improved technology. The controller can be set on a table, attached using the magnetized base, or mounted to the wall for even more convenient use. Along with the controller, you'll receive 1 high-temperature meat probe, 1 pit probe, cord organizers, and a power supply. All of these accessory items combine to offer even more convenience and insight into the cooking process. When you use this controller, you'll no longer have to play guessing games when it comes to smoking your favorite meats and veggies. Instead, the 500 Kamado Style WiFi Controller for Grills and Smokers will give you an unbelievable amount of clarity and insight into how to best grill and smoke meat.


  • WiFi Smoker Controller allows you to manage and monitor your cooks from a distance
  • Mobile app gives you total control over your cooking temperatures
  • Designed specifically for charcoal Kamado-style and ceramic grills
  • Variable speed blower uses patented software to maintain precise temperatures
  • No need for messy Y-splitter cables
  • Large LCD screen lets you manage up to 3 different meats
  • View graphs of your cooks to learn specific temperature readings
  • Set up alarms and text alerts for easy reminders
  • Mobile app compatible on iOS and Android systems
  • Sync up to Amazon Alexa or Google Home for the complete smart cooking experience
  • Controller includes manual push buttons
  • Comes with 1 high temperature meat probe, pit probe, cord organizers, and power supply
  • Can be set on the table or mounted on the wall for convenient use
  • Includes magnetic base for more installation options
  • Temperature probes plug right into controller with thin 6-foot cables
  • Fits all sizes of Kamado Joe, Primo Grills, BGE, and Grill Dome grills and smokers

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