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3-Inch Grass Blade for ClassicCut & ComfortCut Shears

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If you're using the Gardena Shrub Sheers, then you're probably someone who likes to get the details done right. With the Grass and Boxwood Blade Attachment, you can go after the details of both hedges and lawn edges. This sheer attachment has a cutting width of 3 inches, and works especially well when cutting grass at the edges of lawns or when shaping boxwood. When using your Gardena sheers, you can easily change out one attachment for another without any other tools. That way you can quickly switch from tool to tool as you work on different parts of your lawn or garden. Imagine you're working on a row of hedges. You use a long shrub blade to get most of it done, but you notice a few stray branches that need to be cut. Normally, you'd only have two options. You could use the long shrub blade and risk cutting off more than you meant to, or you could spend time running to grab another tool. With the ClassicCut or ComfortCut sheers along with this attachment, you can avoid that scenario entirely. All you'd have to do is switch out the longer shrub blade for this grass & boxwood blade. The blades are each small enough that you could keep them in a toolbelt, so there wouldn't be a need to grab anything out of storage. You could also combine the Grass and Boxwood blade with an attachment like the Gardena Telescopic Handle. That way you could trim the edge of your lawn without having to bend over. You could also shape the top of a tall shrub without having to go grab a ladder. By using the Grass and Boxwood Blade Attachment, you can avoid having to buy a whole separate tool. That can save you both storage space and money. It also lets you take advantage of the many benefits that Gardena sheers have. That includes a battery powered motor and an ergonomic handle. Enhance the power of your ClassicCut or Comfort Shears with the Gardena Grass and Boxwood Blade Attachment.


  • Blade designed to work with the ClassicCut and ComfortCut shears
  • Great for trimming lawns, pruning plants, or giving the finishing touch to a boxwood shrub
  • Attachment features a cutting width of 3 inches
  • Can be easily changed without tools
  • Combine with the Gardena Telescopic Handle to trim grass more comfortably (sold separately)
  • Color: Gray
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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