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Combisystem 59 Inch Aluminum Angled Garden Tool Handle

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Gardening inevitably involves a bunch of tools. You need a rake to pick up leaves, a spade to dig holes for your plants, a plow to care for potatoes and vegetables, the list could go on. Owning all of those tools can take up a lot of space, but they don't have to. With the Combisystem Angled Garden Tool Handle, you can save space by putting all of your tools into one system. The idea behind the combisystem is mixing and matching to get what you need, and what works best for you. First, you pick the type and size of handle you want. Then, you can use that handle with a wide variety of different tool heads. Some of those heads include things like fruit collectors, garden saws, rakes, and cultivators. Any tool head that you use will be kept safely in place thanks to a large fastening screw. Because of this, you can reliably push or pull against tool heads without them falling off. the highlight of this handle is that it's made to be easier on your back. It accomplishes this with its curved shape, allowing work to be done close to the ground without the need to bend over. This handle also has another design detail that can add to your comfort. This is the handle at the top end. When holding a tool with two hands, it's typically your top hand that will guide and aim the tool. Because of this, the top handle is made with an angled grip that lets you hold without bending your wrist. That way you can turn and steer the tool without putting a strain on your hand. Another benefit to this combisystem handle is that it's made with aluminum. That makes it strong enough to handle heavier tool heads like a cultivator. At the same time, it keeps the handle light so you don't have to spend as much energy holding it up or moving it around. Compatible with any combisystem tool head, this Angled Garden Tool Handle can help you save space on storing tools while also helping to relieve pressure on your back.


  • Angled grip prevents slipping and can help lessen the likelihood of blisters or discomfort
  • Large, captive fastening screw connects the handle the the tool
  • Crafted out of durable aluminum
  • Designed with an ergonomically shaped, curved handle that takes pressure off your back and makes it easier to use the tool
  • Sold as handle only, tool heads sold separately
  • Can be used with all Gardena Combisystem tools used for pushing or pulling
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions (L): 59 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 25-year warranty
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