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Gentle Watering Fully Adjustable Garden Hose Spray Wand

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There’s more than one way to water a landscape. The proper choice depends on many factors, including the ground you need to cover, the kinds of plantings you have, and how important water efficiency is to you. One important watering tool in every gardener’s kit is a spray wand, and Gardena’s 9123 Classic Gentle Watering Fully Adjustable Garden Hose Spray Wand will serve your needs reliably. This spray wand delivers an adjustable, gentle rain-like spray to plants; that’s important for fragile seedlings, tender new growth and delicate flowers, all of which can be damaged by more forceful spraying. The long spray wand also gives you enough reach to water plants at their root zone without bending, crouching or using a ladder; when so many other garden chores require you to bend or crouch, you’ll appreciate this because it doesn’t. This spray wand’s rain-like spray gives plants in hot locations a cool shower to reduce transpiration and drying out. They also help spray off pests such as mites and aphids without damaging the plant. Spray wands also reduce the likelihood of plant disease by concentrating water at the roots rather than the foliage. A spray wand also helps reduce weed growth because you can concentrate watering on the plants themselves, not into open areas of your garden between them. The Gardena 9123 garden spray wand will be one of your favorite tools in the garden, whether you’re watering new seedlings, spot-irrigating veggies, or reaching that hanging plant on your porch. Based in Germany, Gardena is the preferred brand for millions of home and garden owners worldwide when it comes to garden care. Gardena offers a complete range of watering systems, pumps, garden ponds, lawn care, tree and shrub care, garden tools, and soil cultivation. Gardena is the leading brand for high-quality garden tools in Europe and represented in more than 80 countries.


  • This spray wand provides a gentle rain-like spray for spot watering a variety of plants in the landscape
  • Easily hooks up to water hoses for even more spray reach
  • Adjustable flow rate gives users all of the control
  • Gives users a much longer reach than a traditional water hose
  • Requires just 1 hand to use
  • Constructed out of durable metal and plastic for longevity and comfort
  • Sprayer head features a soft plastic ring that helps prevent against unnecessary damage
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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