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0.75 HP In-Ground Pool Pressure Cleaner Booster Pump

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Side-pressure pool cleaners require a booster pump to get the job done, and the Hayward 6060 In-ground Pool Pump is a versatile option that provides plenty of power and in a quiet, energy-efficient package. Pool booster pumps provide additional water pressure for automatic pool cleaners. They push water through the plumbing to make certain your cleaner is operating at peak efficiency. It’s important to choose a pool booster pump with enough pressure; otherwise, your cleaner will operate ineffectively or require longer running times that end up increasing your operating costs. An overpowered pool booster pump, on the other hand, could consume more electricity than necessary and even damage the pool cleaner. At 0.75 horsepower, the Hayward 6060 pool booster pump provides enough power for virtually all pressure cleaners. It uses as much as 40 percent less electricity than other pumps, so it’s easy on your utility bill. It also runs very quietly, so it’s not a distraction for swimmers. This pool booster pump’s tall mounting base provides increased motor ventilation and protection from flooding. Hayward’s in-ground pool booster pumps are self-priming centrifugal style pumps. They have a vacuum chamber, also known as a pump housing, which must be filled with water to create a vacuum. The vacuum results in the pump drawing the water out of your pool; it will remain full of water while the pool booster pump is on and will stay full or partially full when it’s shut off. The pool booster pump is easily installed, and it must be winterized when it’s time to shut your pool down for the summer. Simply tun off the electrical circuit breaker that supplies power, and make sure there’s no water left in the pump. All Hayward pumps have a drain plug to allow complete drainage of excess water. This pool booster pump also can improve the overall health of your pool with improved filtration, more consistent heating and more efficient chlorine production thanks to increased circulation. The Hayward 6060 pool booster pump is a great choice to complement all pressure pool cleaners.


  • Swimming pool cleaner booster pump for side-pressure cleaners
  • 0.75 horsepower
  • Uses up to 40% less electricity than other booster pumps
  • 1.5-inch plumbing union fittings improve performance and allows easy installation and removal
  • 0.75-inch hose barb union adapters allow for easy retro fit to existing installations using flexible hose for booster pump connections
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Pump design allows for easy installation and service
  • Suitable for all pressure cleaners requiring a booster pump
  • Tall mounting base allows for increased motor ventilation as well as protection from flooding
  • Drain plug requires no tools for installation and removal
  • Volute may be re-oriented in the field for horizontal discharge
  • Specifications:
  • Total HP: 1.25
  • Rated HP: 0.75
  • 208-230/115 V
  • 6.9-6.8/13.3 amps

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