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Automatic Pool Hot Tub and Spa Off-Line Brominator

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Before you dive in, make sure your pool, spa, or hot tub is ready too. Proper maintenance is crucial for keeping a pool healthy and working well. With the Hayward Automatic Off-Line Brominator, you can be sure the water’s nice and sanitized, so you can start soaking it up. Bromine works a lot like chlorine, sanitizing your pool water. It’s one of the most common chemicals used for keeping pools healthy. The Hayward Off-Line Brominator takes slow-dissolving, 3-inch trichlor or bromine tablets. It can hold up to 9 pounds of them at a time. Your pool water flows through the automatic brominator, gets treated, and is released back into the pool. Picking the perfect sanitizer for your pool, spa, or hot tub can depend on a couple different factors. Bromine is often a good choice for spas and hot tubs because the chemical is very effective in warmer water. This system connects to your existing filtration setup. It works automatically, powered by the flowrate created by your pump. Once it’s hooked up, just place the bromine tablets inside and you’re good to go. Control exactly how much sanitizer is added to your pool, thanks to this pool bromine generator’s dial control valve. You can turn it up or down depending on how much you want flowing through the feed. When you need to add more chemical, this automatic brominator’s lid comes off easily and stays on securely while in-use. A unique finger-release catch provides even more security. Stay relaxed, even when you’re not in your backyard paradise, knowing your bromine system is perfect where it is. This automatic device is housed in sturdy ABS that stands up to weather. Its high-quality Viton seal makes sure the chemicals go where they’re supposed to. Like chlorine, bromine molecules attach themselves to organisms in your pool. A lot of the chlorine you add, however, becomes ineffective after just a little while in the pool. Bromine lasts longer. After shock treatments, bromine sticks around, still sanitizing the water. That means you won’t have to buy it as often as chlorine. Working with the Hayward Brominator means fewer trips to the store. Get your pool ready for swimming season, and keep it that way, with the Hayward Automatic Off-Line Brominator.


  • Hayward CL220BR Automatic Bromine Feeder
  • Uses 3-inch, slow dissolving, Trichlor or Bromine tablets
  • Dial control valve lets you control and adjust the rate of feed
  • Unique finger-release catch provides extra security
  • Multiple connection options provide a wide range of use and simplified installation
  • Works automatically with your pump and filter system
  • Easy-Lok threaded cover for safe and convenient access to add tablets
  • Unique finger-release catch provides extra security
  • Chemical capacity: 9 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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