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Jet Action Cleaning Wand for Perflex DE Filters

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Keeping your filter cleaned is an important part of pool maintenance. After all, if you filter isn't clean, then your pool won't be either. Keep your filter and all of its components in top condition with the Hayward Jet Action Cleaning Wand. The problem with cleaning a filter is that it can take a long time. A lot of time has to be spent taking it apart before you can start cleaning. Even if you just want to give your cartridges a spray down, you'd have to take apart almost the whole filter to get them out. Then you'd have to spend the time to get them back in. The Hayward Jet Action Cleaning Wand lets you get around this by making it possible for you to clean the inside of a filter without taking everything apart. The trouble with most sprayers is that you can't reach them down inside the filter, not very far at least. But this cleaning wand gives you a lot of length to work with. That way you can just poke it inside your filter and start spraying. The only part of the filter you have to take off is the top assembly. One of the highlights of this wand is that it can hook up to any standard hose. That way you can make use of a tool you already own. It also means that you can use the Jet Action Cleaning Wand even when you're a reasonable distance from a water source. Another thing that makes this wand convenient to use is the built-in shutoff valve. Just turn the valve one way or the other with you thumb to start or stop spray water. So you don't have to go all the way back to your water source every time you want to stop spraying. With this spray wand, you can effortlessly wash off Flex Tubes, TM vertical grids, and cartridge elements. The wand is recommended for use with Hayward Perflex DE filters, but it would work with other cartridge filters as well. If you keep your filter in good shape, it will reward you in time. Give your filter the cleaning it deserves with the Hayward Jet Action Cleaning Wand.


  • Cleaning wand featuring jet action
  • Attaches directly to garden hose
  • PVC tubing with hose adapter and shut-off valve
  • Cleans Flex Tubes, TM vertical grids, and cartridge elements
  • Best suited for use with Hayward Perflex DE filters
  • Shutoff valve built into handle
  • Allows for filter parts to be cleaned with minimal disassembly
  • Constructed with long-lasting PVC tubing
  • Color: White and blue
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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