Swimming Pool Turbo Cell Cleaning Stand Replacement

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Hayward Turbo Cells give your pool the chlorine it needs to stay sanitized without the harsh chemical feel that traditional chlorine systems can have. Keep yours in top condition with the Hayward Turbo Cell Cleaning Stand. As your Turbo Cell does it's job, it begins to build up on calcium. Over time, enough buildup can cause the cell to stop working as effectively as it should be able to. That's why regular cleaning is essential. To clean the cell, you'll need this cleaning stand. This cleaning stand can work with any Hayward Turbo Cell. To use it, you'll have to first turn off your pool filter, pump, and chlorinator for safety. Then, you'll unplug the Turbo Cell from the chlorinator. After that, you'll be taking off the Turbo Cell from where it sits in the plumbing. To do that, you'll have to twist and loosen the unions that hold the cell to the pipes. Once they're loosened, you should be able to pull off the cell from where it sits. When you have the cell by itself, you'll then use it with the cleaning stand. Set it on top of the cleaning stand with the cable side facing up. In a separate jug or bucket, mix 2 parts water with 1 part acid. Make sure that you put in the water first, and then add acid. Doing it the other way around can be dangerous. When the acid mixture is ready, pour it into the Turbo Cell. You'll notice that it will start to foam and bubble. That's the acid attacking the chlorine buildup. Depending on the level of chlorine in the cell, it should foam for 5 to 15 minutes. When it's done foaming, empty out the acid mixture and rinse the cell with fresh water. If it looks like some of the buildup is still there, you can repeat the process until it's clean. When everything looks good, you can reinstall the Turbo Cell. Now you'll be able to enjoy your salt chlorination system thanks to the Hayward Turbo Cell Cleaning Stand.


  • Hayward Cleaning Stand replacement
  • Makes it fast and easy to clean your turbo cell
  • Fits all Hayward TurboCells
  • Be sure to clean your TurboCell once every 3 months you use it
  • Use to combat chlorine buildup in your TurboCell
  • Helps keep your salt chlorination system in its best condition
  • Genuine Hayward replacement part
  • Product/Item Type: Replacement part
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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