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Water Pressure Switch Replacement for H-Series Heaters

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For as much time, effort, and money you've put into your pool, you don't need the extra stress of a faulty replacement part. When your pool heater pressure switch has broken down, this backup from Hawyard is there for you. It's compatible with Hayward Milli-Volt Electronic H-Series ED1 and ED2 models. It's all you need to get back in the water and back to relaxing. This unit is 23 pounds, so keep that in mind when you're moving and replacing it. It's not a particularly large piece of machinery, but it's rather dense. When you're replacing your water pressure switch, you'll need a couple of wrenches. The size of which will depend on the particular pool heater you have, but we suggest either (2) 0.5-inch open wrenches or a pair of pliers. The torque you generate just from your hands won't be enough. This Hayward part is just what you need if you're getting a "LO" message on your heater or if you feel it's not working up to standard. First, we'd suggest troubleshooting the issue by resetting the heater. Some other things you can try are cleaning the filter, removing debris from the pump basket, or double checking that your pump isn't on a low setting. If your pump hasn't been cleaned recently and properly, it could affect the pressure thus lowering water flow. Keep in mind that spiders and rodents sometimes like to make homes out of our pool pumps. If you're worried that may be the issue, be sure to wear gloves and a mask. Another problem you could be facing is that the pressure switch isn't functioning properly or completely defective. The pressure switch ensures that enough water is properly flowing through the unit before the heater even turns on. To test this, you'd need a multimeter to test the voltage. To test with a multimeter, the pool pump has to be turned on and your filter must be cleaned. If those 2 criteria aren't met, the voltage won't be able to pass through to the multimeter. If you don't already have a heater for your pool, we absolutely suggest getting 1. They'll extend your pool season and allow you to enjoy more time out in the water. You've put in the work and capital to enjoy a nice pool experience. When your water pressure isn't up to snuff, count on this Water Pressure Switch Replacement for H-Series Heaters from Hayward to get the job done.


  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Fits Hayward Milli-Volt Electronic H-Series ED1 and ED2 style pool heater
  • Water pressure switch assembly replacement

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