PSCV Series 2-Inch/2.5-Inch CPVC Swing Check Valve

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Prevent damage to your pool equipment when water pressure lowers or when you have to turn off your pool pump for maintenance. This PSCV Series 2-Inch/2.5-Inch Check Valve from Hayward closes off your pool plumbing in cases where your water pressure lowers drastically or the direction reverses. Figuring out what replacement pool parts you need can be difficult. That's why we'll keep this simple. This pool check valve fits with 2-inch and 2.5-inch pipes. You'll slip 2-inch outside diameter pipes inside this pool check valve. For 2.5-inch inner diameter pipes, you'll slip the pipe over the openings. This 2-way check valve comes with arrow indicators on top to show you which way to install. Just line up the arrows so they point in the direction of the water flow. The name "2-way check valve" can be a little confusing. All this means is there are 2 openings in this pool part: 1 leading in and 1 leading out. You'll often install a 2-way check valve on water pipes near your chlorinator, solar heater, spa, or water features like fountains. Check valves go between these different pieces of pool equipment and additions to keep water from flowing backwards into your pump. For connected spas, these help maintain your spa's water level when you shut off water to your spa for maintenance. This swimming pool check valve uses a flapper mechanism to close off water flow. We call these "swing check valves." You can easily see the flapper mechanism through the clear top. That way, you'll always know if anything has gotten stuck. When in use, this swimming pool check valve has a maximum working pressure of 50 PSI at 104 degrees F. Made of durable CPVC, this pool check valve resists corrosion and wear caused by the elements and pool chemicals. When connecting this CPVC pool part to a PVC pipe, you'll need to use PVC glue for a secure fit. You only need a little glue to keep it in place. Be careful not to get any glue inside the body of the check valve. This can cause the flapper to get stuck. Keep your pool equipment safe while doing maintenance. If you have more questions about the Hayward PSCV Series 2-Inch/2.5-Inch Check Valve, just send us a call, chat, or email. We're available 24/7 to help you figure out what your pool setup needs.


  • PSCV Series check valve allows water to flow through in 1 direction and closes automatically with low pressure or flow reversal
  • Fits 2-inch or 2.5-inch pipe
  • 2-way check valve with in and out openings
  • Made of durable CPVC that resists corrosion
  • Clear valve cover lets you see inside the check valve
  • Swing check valve uses a flapper to close the valve when flow reverses or gets too low
  • Hydraulically efficient operation
  • Install so the arrow indicators are in the same direction as your water flow
  • Slip fitting requires PVC glue for secure fit
  • Be careful not to get glue on the inside of the check valve body
  • Specifications:
  • Maximum working pressure: 50 PSI at 104 degrees F
  • Part number: PSCV2S2DGR
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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Hayward PSV2"x2.5" check valve

This solved th er problem of pool water draining from the pool filter and pump basket back into the pool when the pump turned off. I like the clear top so I caan see when debris clogs the valve keeping the valve open. I can then easily remove the deb…

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ELS, Dec 22, 2016

vminnovations.comWritten by a customer while visiting vminnovations.com

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