PSV 3-Way 1.5 x 2-Inch CPVC Pool Water Diverter Valve

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Many swimming pool systems rely on diverter valves to control the flow of water as it moves between your pump and your pool. Often, a diverter valve can be fixed by replacing the internal valve assembly. But if the main body of the valve is cracked or leaking water, it's probably time to replace the whole thing. With the Hayward Pool Water Diverter Valve, you can get your water system up and running just as it used to. This diverter valve is a 3-way valve. It has an internal diameter of 1.5 inches and an external diameter of 2 inches. It's made with CPVC, and has a high resistance to both heat and corrosion. To replace your old valve, you'll first have to turn off your pool pump. Then, you should relieve pressure in the water lines by turning the relief valve on top of your filter pump. You'll want the pressure to go all the way to 0. Next, it's time to cut out the old valve. To do that, you'll actually be cutting the pipes that lead into the old valve. The edges of the pipes will probably be rough after you cut them, so it's a good idea to file them until their smooth. When you remove the old valve, you should make a note of which way the "inverter" label is facing. That's so you can put in the new valve the same way. Otherwise, water won't be able to properly flow through your pipes. After that, you'll need to have 3 short pipes. These will serve as connectors between your new valve and the old pipes. Cover the short pipes with glue, and then insert them into the old pipes. Now you can set your new valve into place. Each short pipe should overlap 0.75 inches into both the old pipes and the new valve. That way you'll be able to ensure a strong connection. Once the new valve is in place, you'll have to wait for the glue to dry before you can turn your pump back on. That might be a few hours depending on the glue you're using. In the meantime, you can screw the assembly back into place. Make sure the "inlet" label is facing the same way as it did with the old valve. When the glue's all dried, you're all done. Whether you're preparing for the unexpected or facing a current leak, the Hayward Pool Water Diverter Valve can help you out.


  • Hayward PSV 3-Way Diverter Valve
  • Valve has a diameter of 1.5 inches on the inside and 2 inches on the outside
  • High heat tolerance prevents warping under stress
  • Corrosion-resistant body makes for a long-lasting design
  • Great to have on hand to quickly fix an unexpected problem
  • Made from reliable CPVC material
  • Part Number: PSV3S
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions, valve pipe (W): 2 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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