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Auto-Skim Inground Pool 1.5-Inch Surface Skimmer, White

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When you’re maintaining your inground pool, the search for replacement parts can feel never ending. The Hayward Auto-Skim 1.5-Inch Inground Pool Skimmer will make your search for a cleaner pool a lot easier. This small but essential pool replacement skimmer part is responsible for catching dirt, twigs and leaves before they litter your pool floor. This pool skimmer spare part is perfect for inground vinyl liner or fiberglass pools. This replacement skimmer part has a lot to admire. Its large opening will collect more debris, so you and your pool vacuum don’t have to. This automatic inground pool skimmer’s ready to go, complete with a float valve and equalizer kit so it’s up to NSF snuff. The official part number is SP10841OM. If you live in a chillier region, then this is the automatic pool skimmer for you. This ABS-constructed skimmer stands up harsher winters, as this type of plastic material can take the cold. Among 1 of the toughest plastics, rest assured that your pool will stay clean and your inground auto skimmer will stay strong throughout the winter. But the fun doesn’t end there. Neat features include an automatic by-pass for diminishing water levels, adjustable cover collar, snap-on weir, a roomy, 163-cubic inch basket, integral Flo-Control slide plate and a 1.5-inch FIP. If you’ve got a different sized pipe, feel free to check out other models in the Auto-Skim Series. As far as versatility goes, this pool surface skimmer’s parts are adjustable. The weir, among one of the most important parts, ramps up water speed so your pool stays gleaming clean. When your pump takes a break, this little but important inground pool part’s shifts vertically, so all messes stay inside. This weir even has a 4.5-inch adjustment capacity, perfect for ever-changing water levels. When you’ve got an inground pool, maintenance is tough and spare skimmer parts count. This Auto-Skim Inground 1.5-Inch Surface Skimmer is an important and versatile pool replacement part which keeps your inground pool clean and you calm, because you’ve taken care of 1 more detail.


  • Great automatic skimmer for both vinyl and fiberglass inground pools
  • Cover collar allows 1.5-inch vertical adjustment
  • Snap-on weir adjusts automatically to 4.5-inch variation in water level
  • Stackable notched extension collar allows infinite vertical adjustment
  • All SP1080 Series Skimmers available with float valve and equalizer kit to meet specific NSF commercial requirements
  • ABS-constructed skimmer stands up harsher winters, as this type of plastic material can take the cold
  • Includes automatic adjustable cover collar, snap-on weir, a tough, 163-cubic inch basket, integral Flo-Control slide plate and 1.5-inch FIP, and gaskets/screws
  • Automatic by-pass for diminishing water levels
  • 1.5-inch FIP pipe size
  • 8.5-inch throat length
  • Part number: SP10841OM
  • Adjustable cover collar
  • Tamper-proof cover
  • Drilled mounting flange for wood pools
  • ABS face rim (White)
  • Optional float/by-pass valve
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